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The unfortunate lesson that many businesses learn is too late is that they really do need a commercial locksmith. It’s not just a matter of being locked out of your business or professional space. It’s also about keeping dangers away from your business, especially thieves both externally and internally.

There are a number of reasons to have a commercial locksmith on hand for your business, even before you realize you need one.

There’s the 24/7 service, there’s the heightened security measures, and there’s bigger and better guarantee of protection than a local, smaller locksmith.

Commercial locksmiths can install important and necessary security measures at your business that just can’t come from smaller, personal locksmiths. They also offer access and communication abilities that smaller guys just don’t have. We’ve outline some of the top reasons to get your business a commercial locksmith below.


This is the first and obvious reason. You got a locksmith to protect your property and assets. But exactly what kind of protection you need. While locks on your doors is obvious, many people don’t think about the changeover of employees and the need to change locks. While you don’t need to do this every time you lose an employee, it’s worth doing every now and again, especially if you have a high turnover rate, and even more especially if higher level employees with more access leave the company.

External Threats

There is, obviously, the threat everyone thinks of when they think of locksmiths: thieves. Now, it’s not just a matter of breaking a window or hinges on a door. Thieves have gotten more tech savvy and complex over the years and commercial locksmiths are trained in the nuances and changes in thieves’ tactics in a way a regular locksmith just isn’t.

Reliable Service

As part of your setup, it’s likely your commercial locksmith will offer round the clock services. You’ll be able to call at any time to get help if there’s a problem and get routine service on your security and lock systems. Commercial locksmiths have the ability and resources to offer this because companies need it. A smaller, local locksmith will not.

Related Questions

How Much Do Commercial Locksmiths Charge?

The national average on commercial locksmiths is just over $150 but the price can go as high as $350 to start with. If you’re putting in more high tech equipment, such as biometrics, cameras, or other technology, the price will go even higher. There’s also the matter of how many locks you’re installing in your building. But expect to pay a couple hundred at least.

What Commercial Security Measures Are There?

Besides a plain old lock and a key, commercial locksmiths offer a range of technology that personal locksmiths might not. There are biometric locks that respond only to fingerprints or retina displays, there’s smart security systems, and there’s the ability to offer routine and chronic upkeep and even changing of locks.

Your business needs a commercial locksmith for safety and security. Not investing the time or money into the safety of your business is just as bad for the longevity of your company as a bad financial investment. You need a commercial locksmith, so don’t wait until it’s too late to get one.

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