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Keys are fast becoming an outmoded technology and relics of the pre-digital ages. In the era of smart houses, keyless door locks make more sense than a lugging around a piece of metal. They are more convenient, provide enhanced security and make losing your keys a thing of the past.

Keyless entry is already becoming standard on many vehicles and continues to grow in popularity for homes.

Here is why a keyless door locks make sense in this modern era.

Electronic door locks provide convenience and increased security

Without a doubt, keyless entry systems for homes provide convenience never before possible. Imagine never having to carry your house keys with you again. Lost keys are never a problem, and lock changes become a thing of the past. With keyless entry, changing the locks is a simple as changing the code.

Have you ever had the misfortune to lock your keys in the house? If you have, you may remember the sickening feeling when the door closed behind you and you suddenly realized your keys aren’t in your pocket. Do you break a window? Can you find an available trusted locksmith? With keyless entry, you won’t have to make that choice.

Before keyless entry, hidden keys or “key buddies” have been the only back up plans for lost keys. It’s nice to have a key hidden near the house because it makes forcing open a window unnecessary, although you can always call a locksmith. However, burglars know to look for hidden keys. They know all the tricks, from fake-rock key boxes to keys under the door mat. Chances are pretty good that a determined criminal will find that hidden key. Keyless entry eliminates this vulnerability.

Seinfeld fans remember “The Keys” episode. Jerry loses his keys and can’t find Elaine, so he has George let him into Elaine’s apartment to retrieve his spare set. Obviously, their key buddy system had some serious flaws. Though hilarious on Seinfeld, when you lose your keys and the person with the spare set is out of town, it’s not a laughing matter. It’s no longer 1992, and we are no longer stuck with Seinfeld-era low tech solutions to the problem of lost keys. Keyless entry means never having to worry about lost keys again.

Unique digital codes for every family member

Different codes can be assigned to different people. For example, each family member can have their own code. This can be a great benefit if you have kids or teenagers because you can see what time they got home. A separate code can also be given to people who need access to your home often, such as a babysitter or dog walker. When they no longer work at the house, their code can be cancelled, and you don’t have to worry about retrieving keys.

Smartphone control

Have you ever arrived home to discover you forgot to lock the door? Or have you ever been on the way to an important meeting and realized you didn’t lock the door? With smartphone control, you can check if the door is locked and lock it from anywhere. If you have a security system, you can use the keyless entry app and program the door lock to engage when your arm the system.

Keyless entry offers convenience, increased security and remote lock control. These benefits make them a great investment that increases the home’s value. These systems also give your home a sleek, modern appearance. When burglars see a keyless lock, they know they are up against a hard target. Lockpicks are not an option. Burglars also know that a keyless lock often means a security system is armed. Simply seeing the lock convinces most of them to turn around.

We’ve entered the era of the smart house, where electronics provide enhanced security and convenience never before possible. Keyless entry has already become standard in vehicles, and its popularity in homes continues to rise. The time is coming when the sentence “I lost my keys” will be a thing of the past. Keyless entry offers too many improvements to pass up.

As our homes and cars modernize so do the services of a locksmith. Locksmiths have been “saving the day” when keys are lost, misplaced, or forgotten and can still provide assistance with keyless entry systems. Make sure to find a trusted local locksmith so you can ask the necessary questions and they can help you with the security of your home or business.

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