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Locks and keys are great. They keep all your valuables in, all the bad guys out; but what he opens when they keep you out?

Why won’t my key go all the way into the lock?

Continue reading to learn more about what to do when your key won’t fit all the way into your door lock.

Why won’t my key fit?

We’ve all been there before. You get out of the car, arms stacked full of groceries so heavy you might topple over, keys in hand, and when you get to the door, the key just won’t fit. Great.

No one wants to be locked out of their own house. This is the same key you use everyday, so what’s changed?

It’s just frustrating to say the least. When your key won’t go all the way into your door lock, and it won’t turn or come out for that matter, it’s just STUCK.

You’re not alone, this has happened to everyone, because the problems that cause this are regular, everyday issues.

Dry cylinder

First, it could be a dry cylinder, in which the cylinder pins are sticking. This is the most common and simply requires some lubricant.

Bent key

Between this morning when you locked the door, to now, there’s also the easy chance that your key got bent. If this is the case, your bent key is trying to fit into a straight lock, and it just won’t work.

Something stuck inside

As small as a lock might seem, it is more than common to find things inside the lock, resisting the key from going in all the way. This might be difficult to inspect on your own.

Stuck pin

Then again, even just normal dirt and wear can cause a pin to stick. If that’s the case, and wiggling it around doesn’t work, you’ll need to call a locksmith.

What can I do to fix it?

Now that you know some of the potential problems with your key, it’s time to fix it.

There are several different options to ensure your key and lock are working, good as new again.

First, try lubrication. A lubricant can help your key all over and penetrate into the lock to loosen whatever is making them stuck. Spray lubricant will typically do the trick. If you can’t find any, WD-40 works as well.

If your key is just bent or broken, this will likely not fix the problem.

When to call a locksmith

If the lubricant doesn’t work, and your key is still stuck, it may be time to call a locksmith.

There could be an obstruction that you can’t see, or worse, the pins are worn down or broken. Never try to simply force out the key yourself. This could damage your key or lock more seriously.

Instead, a trusted locksmith will have the appropriate tools to safely remove your key. All it takes is a simple phone call to your favorite locksmith.

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