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Safety in the home is a priority for just about everyone, and we go to great lengths to ensure it. The goal is to keep unauthorized persons out, however, there are times when we may inadvertently be locked out ourselves and it’s important to have options to overcome this challenge.

What to do if you are accidentally locked out of your home?

The easiest solution is to get into contact with someone you expect would have a spare key. If this option is not available to you, you can always resort to seeking out the service of an experienced locksmith.

Most persons have a close friend or family member they give a spare key to “in case of emergencies”. Being locked out of your own home certainly qualified and a quick call to this individual can solve your problem expeditiously. If you live in a rental home, your landlord is a good option to get you out of this sticky situation.

Calling a locksmith is also a quick option as it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes for them to get you inside. However, this option comes at a cost with both labor and possibly replacing the lock if you are unable to locate your key when you access your home, and its worth it!

How much does a locksmith cost?

Charges with this service can vary based on your location, your lock type and also the time of day. It can cost you upwards of $100 just for a locksmith to come to you. Additional costs may include replacing your locks and issuing a new set of keys. Depending on the circumstances involved in your particular case, the entire visit can run you up to $200. Know what to expect by asking about cost before they come.

What can I use if I need to unlock a door myself?

If you can get access to an eyeglass screwdriver or a paperclip you can use it to get your door unlocked at the doorknob itself. Also useful is a knife or a card to catch the groove of the lock, that should be able to help you wiggle it free.

Related Questions

What are the benefits of installing a smart lock?

A smart lock is a locking mechanism that is usually connected to a smartphone or device and can prevent your ever being locked out of your home again as you can always use the device to access your home electronically.

What are keyless locks?

A keyless lock is one that does not require a key but can be accessed using a keypad or a passcode. The combination can be kept with you at all times and it is far more secure option as it is less likely a thief will be able to tamper with and overcome this type of security as opposed to a traditional key lock.

It’s certainly not inevitable but there is a possibility that at one time or another you may accidentally lock yourself out of your home. Veering on the side of caution and putting options in place can make the event far less stressful and bring it to a speedy resolution.

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