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Selecting doorknobs seems like an easy enough choice when purchasing door hardware for a new home or as replacement hardware. For some people, the choice is not that easy if they don’t know which type of doorknob to select. Most door hardware comes in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes, i.e., brass (gold), silver, or bronze, porcelain, or glass. For a few examples, the metal style finishes can be polished (shiny), satin, bronze, or antique. A common choice is a polished brass doorknob which looks like a polished or shiny gold finish.

Action Locksmith can install any type of doorknob in your home or business.

This article will focus on interior door hardware. For interior doors, selecting the type of interior doorknob to use depends upon the amount of privacy and security desired. If security is important, select a privacy doorknob which has a push-button or a turn lock on the inside of the door.

A passage doorknob does not have a locking mechanism. From both sides of the door, the knob or lever freely turns without the need for a generic unlocking tool. It is the perfect solution for any interior room or closet that does not require a locking doorknob. If security is desired, choose a privacy doorknob.

The privacy doorknob is a common choice for a bedroom, bathroom, storage closet, or other interior room where security and privacy are needed.

This type of door hardware can be locked from the inside of the room using a push or turn button and it can be unlocked from the outside using an emergency release access hole and a generic unlocking tool. The emergency access hole is a tiny hole located near the base of the doorknob where a tool may be inserted to force the locking mechanism to release so the door can be opened from the outside.

Select the handing of the door which determines whether the door has a right-handed (RH) opening or a left-handed (LH) opening. To determine the handing, face the door from the outside. If the door hinges are on the left side, then it is a left-handed (LH) opening and requires an LH knob or lever. Again, facing the door from the outside, if the hinges or on the right side of the door, then, it is an RH door or handing.

Some doorknobs are reversible for either handing as an RH or an LH. If the door hardware package instructions do not state the handing option, then none is offered by the manufacturer. Most likely, it is a reversible knob. Most interior doors open or swing inward. But allowing for exceptions, if an interior door swings outward into a hallway then a right-handed (RH) doorknob is used. Most exterior doors swing outward.

Some door hardware manufacturers do use specific RH or LH and reversible hardware. Before making a purchase, to avoid purchasing the wrong type of door hardware, always check which handing is required and what type of knob is needed for the door, i.e., passage (no lock) or privacy (push or turn button).

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