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The field of the forensic locksmith is an interesting and relatively unknown field. Forensic locksmiths provide a valuable service for law enforcement, private enterprise, and government agencies. They provide investigative services by analyzing locks and key systems to ascertain if the locks or systems have been compromised. Forensic locksmiths help law enforcement agencies to determine how criminals gain entry to a building, safes, locked doors, and other devices. They help to determine what tools are used to gain entry, the method of entry, and weaknesses in a security system. Large corporations use the services of forensic locksmiths to evaluate their security systems to improve them.

The job of a forensic locksmith involves experience and knowledge about keyed systems, locks, and safes.

They need to know about crime investigation and photography skills. As well, they need to know about the collection and preservation of evidence and have good verbal and written communication skills in order to work with witnesses and to create investigative reports.

To succeed in this field of work, it takes cooperation between forensic locksmiths and law enforcement agencies. The International Association of Investigative Locksmiths (IAIL) is committed to developing the profession of the Certified Forensic Locksmith (CFL). To obtain certification status, a locksmith must be a member of the IAIL for one year.

A locksmith must obtain 75 points in order to sit for the certification exam. In order to obtain points, a locksmith must take and pass required classes.

They must take many classes such as Investigative Locksmith courses level I, II, and III. Additional classes include Safe Opening, Safe Servicing, and Safe Manipulation. Other course titles include the following list: Impressioning, Picking, Simplex Manipulation, Professional By-Pass Techniques, Forensic Locksmithing, Automotive Specialties, Forensic Standards, and Auto Theft and Arson classes. After achieving the level of 75 points, a three hour written exam, with 125 questions, must be passed.

The field of Forensic Locksmith is gaining in popularity because people say the work is exciting and rewarding. Helping individuals and businesses is a proud service that all locksmiths provide. They have the ability to “save the day” in times of need and desperation.

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