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One of the most famous locksmiths of all time was Harry Houdini, the magician and escape artist. While Harry only actually served as a locksmith apprentice in his teen years, he is said to have collected locks and studied them throughout his life in order to perfect his craft.1

While most locksmiths aren’t famous like Harry Houdini, they do perform a number of valuable services for residential customers.

Locksmithing is a trade, like welding, carpentry, electrical or pipefitting. As such, residential locksmiths have to study to gain knowledge in their craft. Generally this initial study is done through technical institute or college coursework. This coursework will cover such areas as key identification, lock mechanisms, home and business security and electronic security systems.2

Once coursework is completed, most graduates take on an apprenticeship where they will work with an experienced veteran locksmith, enhancing their knowledge by learning from their locksmith mentor for a number of years until they have attained enough expertise to work on their own.

Once a locksmith becomes experienced there are a number of tasks they can perform for homeowners, including the following:

• Provide advice on the best security lock systems, keyless entry locks, key control systems, window bars and window and door deadbolts.3 In addition, they can sell these products to residential and commercial customers and install these products safely and correctly, adhering to all applicable local and state codes and ordinances, as well as the National Fire Protection Association’s Life Safety Code.

• Provide assistance when a homeowner is locked-out of their home.4 There is no worse feeling that knowing that your keys are locked inside your home. At that point you can either try to break a window to gain entry into your home, or call a professional locksmith who will generally be able to pick the lock to gain entry into your home, with minimal to no damage to the lock.

• Repair or replace damaged components of entrance and exit doors and door and window locks, hinges and electric locking release mechanisms. These damaged components can be the result of aging and years of neglect or can be caused by a residential home invasion.

• Fabricate keys to replace lost or damaged keys, assisting homeowners in unlocking doors when keys are lost. They can also make duplicate keys. A locksmith can cut keys either using the original key or by using a code stamped onto the original key, or in the case of high security locks, stamped on a card which the owner is given.

• They can also change lock combinations by inserting new pins into locksets. This is critically important when moving into a new home or when keys have been lost because it provides security that the homeowner is the only one with a key to access the home. This service can also be helpful when each of your doors takes a different key. If they are all purchased from the same manufacturer a locksmith may be able to make it possible for you to use only one key to access all the doors in your home.

• Residential locksmiths can also open safes for homeowners who have misplaced the combinations needed to access their valuables. They can also repair safe locks and change lock combinations on safe and vault doors.

There are also locksmiths that can provide vehicle locksmith service to unlock car doors. Locksmiths who deal with vehicles are often skilled at programming or reprogramming remote keys and transponder keys, repairing key fobs, or providing new keys for vehicles. They are also skilled at troubleshooting remote key issues and replacing batteries in key fobs. Many locksmiths are also skilled in home security and can provide both consulting and installation expertise in this area.

Like any other professional, a locksmith is an expert in their field. A veteran locksmith can not only save you money, but their expertise can provide you with the best home security for your budget. While it is tempting to “do-it-yourself,” retaining the services of a locksmith can prevent damage and costly repairs.

Experience and expertise are what makes Action Locksmith one of Michigan’s best locksmith companies. We are here to help your home in all facets of residential locksmith services including, doors, locks, security systems, home safes, key systems and more!

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