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The work of a commercial locksmith is similar in scope to that of a residential locksmith. Both professionals work hard to make sure that homes and businesses are secure. They both install keyed and keyless door locking mechanisms and rekey locks. They both open safes. They both can make duplicate keys. There are, however, some important services that a commercial locksmith routinely performs which a residential locksmith does not.

There are also locksmith businesses, such as Action Locksmith Inc that are licensed and equipped to both, residential and commercial.

Locking mechanisms for commercial properties are often radically different than those installed in residential homes. Small businesses may have multiple keys, with certain keys needed to gain access to certain parts of the business, such as where the cash, employee records or valuable merchandise is kept. If these vital keys are lost or misplaced, a commercial locksmith who is usually on call around the clock, can gain entry to the area and re-key the lock.

Commercial door lock systems also have to be durable, as commercial doors get more use than a typical residential door. For larger businesses a keyless entry system is usually used. This system is similar to those used at most hotels where you swipe a plastic card with a magnetic strip through the card reader on the door. Access is granted or denied based on the programming of the system. These types of card readers are ideal for all businesses, but particularly for those businesses who are growing fast and those with high employee turnover. Key cards, unlike keys, aren’t easily duplicated. Another great feature of these systems is that the door automatically locks when it closes, so a business is secure at all times.1

Commercial locksmiths must also be familiar with how to install locks on commercial doors with operating devices such as panic bars. A panic bar is the operational bar (normally a red horizontal bar) or vertical paddle that when pushed against, opens a latching mechanism on an assembly referred to as panic hardware.2 Panic bars for commercial buildings have been mandated by fire officials based on a crowd needing to exit a room quickly and easily during an emergency situation. Most doors with panic bars also have alarms which prevent unauthorized exit or entry.

Safes and vaults are other areas where a commercial locksmith will encounter situations usually not found in residential homes. First, selecting the right safe for a business can be difficult and time consuming. Jewelers, grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, restaurants and other businesses all have different needs. A commercial locksmith can assess your situation and recommend a safe to best fit your needs. Size, access, fire and water intrusion and other factors will be analyzed by the commercial locksmith, who can also securely install your safe. A commercial locksmith can also gain entry into a safe that is locked if the key has been lost or the combination has been forgotten. They can also reset the combination on a safe. Missing or lost file cabinet keys can also be replaced by a commercial locksmith.

Commercial locksmiths also provide invaluable expertise on securing your business assets, like your building, furniture, computers, copiers and other expensive electronic devices or equipment. Most commercial locksmiths have been called on to assist new clients who have experienced business thefts, so they know what vulnerabilities exist and what businesses can do to stay safe. You might be surprised to learn that in 2016 alone businesses in the U.S. lost an average of $1.13 million to employee theft, and that companies with fewer than 500 employees represented 68 percent of those theft cases which were active in the U.S. Federal Court System.3 Bringing in a commercial locksmith may be one of the most important things you can do for your small or mid-size business.

Action Locksmith has provided commercial solutions for businesses and retail locations throughout Michigan over 25 years. Our vast knowledge and experience in all facets in locksmithing as well as our hard work and dedication have made us one of the best locksmith companies in Michigan. From door entry and camera systems, to card access and master key systems we are equipped to handle anything. Call our locksmith company to learn more about how we can help the security of your business!