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Your home is secure. It’s a place of comfort and peace. But it’s also a place where you need to create extra safety and comfort for certain areas or certain valuables. You can’t control everything life throws at you and being the victim of a break in can be incredibly scary. While you can’t always control that, you can control what thieves have access to when they’re inside your home.

Using the right home safe to protect your valuables and important documents can be crucial.

You may not have imagined your home as the kind of home that utilizes a safe. But the older you get, the more you amass valuables, important documents, and even potentially weapons you want to keep out of reach of your children. To do this, you need a safe you trust to only let those who are supposed to be there in. You have a lot of options when it comes to home safes and we’ll help you sort through them.

Below is a guide to some home safe options for your valuables, documents, and other things you want to keep secure.

Burglary Safes

Safes that protect against burglary are among the safer options you can choose. They’re heavy and more secure than the average safe designed to withstand the elements. They’re generally made of steal and are low key and nondescript in design and can sit on the ground, a shelf, or even be mounted to the wall. Some also come with secondary fire ratings for more protection.

Fire Safes

Not all safes are designed to keep out burglars. While some will utilize keypads and intricate locks to keep out unwanted intruders, some safes are simply to keep documents and other valuables safe in the case of a fire. Fireproof and fire-resistant safes have the primary job of doing just that, keeping the elements out. For that reason, their locks are usually not as overly secure as the contents inside are meant to be protected from flames.

Gun Safes

If you own weapons and want to keep them out of reach of children when not in use, you need a gun safe. They come in various seizes and tend to be fire resistant as a rule. Their locking mechanisms are not always advanced or complicated but can be if you’re keeping a valuable gun collection or hoping to keep out anyone older and with more intellect to open a safe than a young child. A locksmith can help you decide the size, price, and model that’s right for you.

Related Questions

How can I protect delicate jewelry?

Jewelry safes often have a soft interior designed to be delicate with potentially precious stones and jewels. You shouldn’t throw jewelry into a safe not designed for jewelry storage, to best protect the items.

What if I want a commercial grade safe?

Bank vaults, hotel safes, office safes, and even data safes are all ways that commercial companies protect items and information. If you run a business out of your home and need a better safe system, your locksmith can help you with commercial safe selection and installation.

Talk to your trusted locksmith about your needs and how to best keep your valuables and documents secure in your home!

If you need help with a safe in your home or business, Action Locksmith can help. With over 30 years’ experience in virtually all facets of locksmithing, we can help maximize the security of your home or business in many ways. Re-keying locks, door installation, keyless entry and camera systems are just a few ways in which we can help. Call us today, we’d be happy to survey your home’s security and provide a plan of action!