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Door locks provide security and peace of mind. But sometimes they do not function properly and its something you can’t ignore. If your doors and locks are not working properly you need to get it taken care of.

What are three common door lock problems and when is it necessary to call a locksmith?

One of the common issues causing door lock problems is when the key gets stuck or broken inside the lock.

The key often gets stuck in the lock because it doesn’t properly align with the door latch. Also, the components that make up the door lock may not be sufficiently lubricated. These are just two of the reasons you may need to call a locksmith to resolve a door lock problem.

This article will discuss the three most common reasons a door lock may have issues. We will discuss when it is necessary to call a locksmith, also we have do-it-yourself tips on resolving lock problems.

3 Reasons Your Key Doesn’t Work

● The key breaks off in the lock. This happens when we are rushing to unlock or secure a lock. In order to prevent key breakage, slow down the action of putting a key in the lock and turning it.

● You can’t insert the key in the lock. Sometimes when a key cannot be inserted in the lock it may not be the right key. Always check and ensure you are putting the correct key in the lock. Do not force it if it won’t go in.

● You are able to get the key in, but it will not turn. This is an indication the lock has seized up. When a lock seizes up it is imperative you do not force the lock. A silicone/graphite spray might lubricate the lock, but you are better off to call a locksmith.

A Damaged Lock Cylinder

If the key doesn’t spin effortlessly when attempting to unlock or lock a locking system the cylinder may be flawed. Your locking mechanism could be compromised if the full lock cylinder spins.

When Should You Call a Locksmith?

A locksmith should be called if a key breaks off in the lock mechanism or there is damage to the lock cylinder. Also if you are unsure of your ability to fix the problem with your doors and locks, then calling a trusted local locksmith is wise.

Related Questions

Why is my door lock not working?

The primary cause for the lock on a door malfunctioning usually starts in the latch and not the mechanism for the lock. It is possible the screws in the door jamb have loosened due to it being warped.

Why won’t the key turn in my lock?

This can be caused by a collection of excess dust and dirt in the cylinder of your lock. Spraying a lubricant like WD 40 on the key before inserting it can create lubrication to turn the lock.

Remember to ensure you are using the correct key and never force it if it doesn’t turn easily. If you suspect damage to the lock cylinder mechanism call a professional locksmith right away.

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