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Today’s world is all about working smarter, not harder.

If you’ve ever walked into a gas station, convenient store, or even a hardware store, you’ve probably noticed a KeyMe service kiosk more than once.

These kiosks are used to quickly duplicate your keys, in under 30 seconds, without the use of a locksmith.

Super convenient? Yes. However, you should also know that a service like this does come with a few risks.

If you ever find yourself in need of the KeyMe service in a pinch, make sure you understand these potential risks before using it.

Poor fit

This might be one of the most expected dilemmas, but we like to point it out anyway.

Anytime you use a self-automated service, you should know what you’re getting into right? With KeyMe, although the technology is there, we all know that technology can be flawed.

This means that without the precise, professional workmanship of a locksmith, there is no guarantee that your new, duplicate key will completely fit your old lock.

In this scenario, its hard to admit you just spent money on a solution that didn’t work, so now you still have to call a locksmith.

Easily accessible

Another risk that’s worth mentioning when it comes to the KeyMe Service, is the ease of access. It’s one thing that these kiosks are convenient, inexpensive, and easy for you to use, but its another that they’re just as easily accessible and convenient for anyone else.

If your key is lost for any reason, either by you or by lending it to a friend, roommate, etc. there’s a good chance your key could be found- by a complete stranger. This means that this service that is readily available to the public, makes it that much easier for a stranger to duplicate your key as well.

Code may be saved

Perhaps you’re thinking: yeah but with all the locks in the world, how would anyone guess which one my key goes to?

The answer is simple. The service actually stores your information in somewhat of a ‘cloud’.

Granted, the service claims to lose as much personal information as possible, including name, address, and number, but it does save your email, key data, and fingerprint if used.

The service also attempts to make the security as tough as possible, supposedly parsing your information and saving it in three different locations, but all this means is that the security is tougher, not impossible.

In addition, a key code is often shared if duplicate keys are needed in the future, and this code may be shared with friends, family, etc. That means there’s just another shred of information released into the world that could be lost or stolen.

This puts individuals with crazy ex-spouse’s, disgruntled employees gone wrong, and any other crazed acquaintances at unease because their information could potentially be hacked.

Whether you consider these risks to be likely or not, the question is- how prepared are you to give up your own personal safety and security?

Action Locksmith wants you to be safe and feel safe. We have been helping Michigan residents and businesses with their lock and security issues for over 30 years. Although apps such as KeyMe are quick and convenient, you need to be aware of the risks. If you are concerned about the security of your home or business, call us. Our technicians can provide a detailed survey of your security and provide a plan of action for your home or business. From emergency lockout service available 24 /7 to door repair and installation as well as camera systems, keyless entry and rekeying, we have extended experience in all facets of locksmithing. Call us to learn more about our residential locksmith services as well as our commercial locksmith services!