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Not all locks are created equal and they’re not all intended for the same use. There are many different types of locks you can utilize for your needs, depending on what they are. Some are more intense than others when it comes to the level of security and some are meant to just add a bit of peace of mind without an intense install. A professional locksmith will be able to help.

What are some of the most common types of door locks?

You’ve probably seen dozens of types of locks in your life. Different doors and different buildings will require different methods of entry depending on what the door leads to. You should do research on the types of locks you can utilize and what you want to use them for before getting them installed.

To give you some research tips before you talk to your local locksmith, here’s some common lock types and the intended uses for them


If you’re getting a front door lock for your home or apartment, a deadbolt is a common option for extra security. They come in their own variations, but the idea is that a secondary lock goes into the wall from the door, this one is a solid bolt that solidly acts as a bar preventing the door to open if the main lock gets picked.


While not commonly used on front doors for dwellings, it is a common way to lock up a storage unit or outdoor shed. A padlock is rarely permanently attached to another else and acts like a more secure version of the same type of lock you used on your lockers at school. The different here is a key, rather than a combination, usually unlocks a padlock.

Jimmy-Proof Deadbolts

These are commonly found on the outside of apartment doors or at the entrance to apartment buildings. This is a version of the deadbolt lock that is more secure and requires far less modifications to the door itself. These deadbolts have no outdoor component except for the lock itself and automatically locks when the door is shut.

Related Questions

Can You Install Locks on Glass Doors?

Yes. There are actually locks specifically designed to be used on glass doors and glass windows. They tend to be smaller and designed to be a bit more stylish because of the style of door they attach to. You can get a deadbolt, cam lock, and other lock types for glass doors.

What About Electronic Locks?

Versions of electronic locks are becoming very popular for homes and businesses. There’s many options including keypads, key cards, and video doorbells that add a layer of technology to your security.

Talk with a local locksmith to get a full picture of what you’ll need but we’ve armed you with some preliminary research to get started.

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