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Locks are a no-brainer. All front doors have them and you use them daily. But not every home or apartment has a deadbolt lock on their front door. It’s an optional feature but one you may find yourself wanting if you want extra security for your home. This is especially true for those with ground floor dwellings or who live in dense urban areas where crime can be higher.

Deadbolt locks are tested and approved by locksmiths to be among the best value lock additions you can offer your home.

The added security of a deadbolt lock is unparalleled. The fact of the matter is, while all locks are a good idea, some are better than others. Before getting a security system or video doorbell, investing in a deadbolt lock as the first line of defense against unwanted intruders in your home is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to protecting your home and family.

Not sure exactly how a deadbolt lock can help you? We’ve put together some of the best tips that locksmiths agree on.


According to FBI stats, almost 60% of break-ins are achieved by force. One way to protect your home from this is to give your spring lock more protection. Deadbolts can only be moved through the turn of a key or the doorknob and are much larger and denser in size. It would take a tremendous amount of force to force your way in on a deadbolt and it can be a deterrent for burglars if they face adversity on their first try.


Deadbolt locks have a grade 1 rating from the American National Standard Institute and are rated among the safest and sturdiest locks available. They can withstand up to 10 hammer hits without faulting and the lock bolt itself goes in as much as a whole inch into the doorframe. They’ve also been tested against drilling, picking, and prying.


Not all deadbolt locks are created the same. There are single cylinder deadbolts which operate with a twist knob that can open the door from the inside while a key opens it from the outside. A double cylinder deadbolt lock requires a dedicated key to open and operate the door.

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Are There Downsides?

The danger that comes with any locks besides the possibility of failure is their functioning in the case of an emergency. If you’ve got a double cylinder lock that requires a dedicated key, you may find yourself in trouble during an emergency. There’s also the need to make sure that the lock is properly installed by a professional locksmith to guarantee correct function.

Is There an Electronic Option?

Deadbolts have gotten smart. Some can be keyless and require a passcode, thumb print, or smart technology to open and close them to provide you with even more security.

Deadbolt locks should be your first line of defense against intruders. Talk to your local locksmith about getting a deadbolt installed in your home.

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