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The art and profession of working as a locksmith are historically recorded as dating back 4,000 years to ancient Egypt and Babylon. Back then locksmiths worked with wood and metal to make large wood and metal keys and pins to create locking mechanisms. They were talented artists and metal workers who shaped metal, created locks and keys, and worked with metal files as well as wood. Simple, cumbersome and heavy, a toothbrush shaped key was inserted into a lock which then moved internal pins to unlock doors. According to historical records, the oldest of simple locks dated back to 704 BC.

The evolution of locksmith services as an art and profession has evolved immensely and will continue to serve a great residential and commercial need.

Moving forward, into 18th century Europe, advanced metallurgy techniques allowed locksmiths to create durable improved lock systems. Later, along came the industrial revolution and mass production methods and the art of the locksmith evolved again drastically changing yet still moving forward. With mass production came competition forcing locksmiths to specialize in two fields as repairmen of industrial locks created in factories, fixing broken locks and replicating keys, to working for security companies that designed safes for banks and the government. While retaining some of the locksmith art and profession, to remain competitive, some of the locksmith art was lost.

Fortunately, the locksmith profession quickly evolved, moving at hyper-speed, to where it is today. Within thousands of years, the profession has gone from heavy metal to using computer technology to design intricate lock systems.

Modern locksmiths might still use some of the age-old terms and methods that have evolved for generations. Today’s modern locksmiths are found working in high-tech shops, security companies, investigational companies (as forensic locksmiths), or as security consultants (designing high-tech anti-theft systems). In addition, modern locksmiths have revived the lost art by specializing in the residential and commercial home improvement and automobile related industries. The modern locksmith industry has surpassed old technology while preserving a historical lost art.

Modern locks used today, as in the past, with thousands to choose from, a few of them are listed below.

Deadbolt locksets, door handles, door knobs, door locks, double cylinder locksets, double-sided deadbolts, emergency egress lock, entrance locks, keyless deadbolts, keyless handlesets, keyless locks, levers, locksets, mortise handlesets, pocket door lock, privacy locks, single cylinder, single-sided deadbolts, two-point (2 point) locks.

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