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A door is everything. It’s the only thing that separates you from the outside world, so it’s important to choose wisely. The decision is so much more than surface deep. While you do want your entry door to look appealing, you also want it to be functional for your lifestyle.

The most common types of entry doors are steel, wood, and fiberglass and can be easily installed by a trusted local locksmith.

Each type of entry door has its own pros and cons. A couple common things to consider when choosing an entry door are efficiency, aesthetics, and security. Continue reading to learn about the pros and cons between wood and steel entry doors, to help you make your next major purchase decision.

Wood entry doors


Per their aesthetic appeal, wood entry doors are the most popular because they make an entryway incredibly stunning. In this modern era, where the world is all about all things natural, wood entry doors give a natural sense of elegance and beauty to your home. With various wood grains and finishes, wood entry doors give a home character. If you’re looking for an entry door that is attractive and makes a statement, wood is the way to go.

Let a wood entry door not only catch all the attention, but let it also be a reflection of you. Wood entry doors are completely customizable, which is why homeowners love them. Because they are made of natural wood, they can be cut and trimmed to any size and fit any doorway or opening. Wood entry doors can have unique trim or moulding, and even openings cut out for windows. Even the most basic options help make it your own; stain or paint, mahogany or oak? Whatever you choose makes the entry door your own.


As the prettiest entry door option, a wood door is also the most expensive, so there’s that. Also being the least energy efficient, you’ll be paying more for your energy bills as well. If that’s not enough, wood entry doors may also continue to be expensive because they do require more long-term maintenance and up-keep than other door options. Wood doors must be sealed immediately upon installation, otherwise the door could quickly absorb moisture, warp, or swell over time. Being a natural, softer element, wood is also subject to weather, scratches, and overall damage over the years. This includes causing the finish to fade, which will need to be redone every few years. It looks like it is true- there is a price for beauty.

Steel entry doors


Steel entry doors are a great option if you want durability, stability, and a less costly entry door. In terms of efficiency, steel doors are the most efficient option, saving you money there. They are also less expensive to install and are typically not affected by weather conditions, which means you’re not constantly paying to maintain them. Steel doors won’t warp when wet like wood doors, but steel entry doors may be a less “pretty” option. However, steel doors are secure, I mean think about it, it’s steel. So, whether you consider this security from natural or unnatural elements, steel doors definitely have your back.


Steel doors can have some ‘design’ elements, certain cutouts, patterns, etc, however they are considered less beautiful than a wood entry door. Although it is very challenging to damage a steel entry door, if somehow the door is scratched, dented, or otherwise, dents must be filled immediately with an auto body repair kit, otherwise the metal could quickly rust. Steel entry doors do have to pet repainted every so often as the paint will chip.

Both wood and steel entry doors are useful options, it just depends on which uses you care most about. Make sure to contact a locksmith for pricing on installation of your new door or repairs and corrections to your existing one.

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