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               One thing you can be sure of here in Michigan, is that winter does a number on our locks and hardware.  As the roads begin to freeze up, the road commission utilized a combination of salt, and liquid calcium chloride, among other things, to keep the ice off the roads.  As we drive, these things are thrown into the air by our tires and come to rest wherever they land. In most cases this isn’t an issue,  but when it comes to our locks, they are basically sponges for the stuff. Once inside your lock, it will begin to eat away at the metal and cause corrosion that could lead to locks seizing up and failing. Now that spring is around the corner, its a great idea to have your locks cleaned out and lubricated to prevent issues. Call your local locksmith for a complete spring cleaning and tune up of your locks. At the end of the day, were all simply turtles with thumbs.