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One thing you might not think about when you start your spring cleaning is making sure your locks and keys are ready for the changing seasons. The safety and security of your home depends greatly on functioning locks and keys. One way to prolong the life of locks and keys and prevent a mishap is to make checking them and diligently performing necessary maintenance part of your spring routine.

How do you clean and maintain your door locks and keys?

Testing the function of your locks, cleaning them, and providing them with lubrication is all it really takes to make sure the wear of winter weather is knocked free. Spring is the perfect time for this, and you’ll thank yourself for it later when your locks and keys are working without incident.

Here’s three ways to kick of your spring cleaning of your locks and keys around your home.

Cleaning Locks

Start with just a straightforward cleaning of your locks and keys. You can even just make this a part of your overall cleaning procedure. Take a mild detergent and a damp rag and gently clean the outer part of the lock and handle to get any abrasive debris out of the way. Avoid any acidic or corrosive cleaning materials and stick to mild cleaners approved for use on metal and wood.

Lubricating Locks

This is something you can do any time but, if you don’t already, spring cleaning is a great time to start. Avoid a petroleum-based lubricant, instead spring for graphite. Spray or gently apply a small amount of lubricant into the keyhole and ensure its spread and functional by running your key through it several times and testing the lock function.

Testing Locks

Once you’ve cleaned and lubricated your locks, test their functionality to make sure there aren’t any larger issues present that require more comprehensive and professional care. It’s as simple as locking and unlocking doors to ensure they’re working properly. Keep an eye for lose cylinders, sticking locks, and other dysfunctions that could be sign of a bigger problem with your lock.

Related Questions

What Is the Most Common Lock Issue?

One thing many people run into this time of year is locks that stick or don’t work right because the lock and door have become misaligned. This is often the result of changing weather, expansion of materials or contractions as water is lost. If this happens, you might want to look into replacing the locks and taking a look at the material of the door as well.

Is It Difficult to Install Locks?

This is also a good time to replace or newly install locks anywhere that you see fit. It tends to not take longer than a half hour for a well-trained locksmith to get a new lock in, but every case is different. Consult with a professional on installing new locks and don’t go the DIY method with your safety.

Spring is in the air and summer is almost on the way! Don’t skimp on safety while you’re busy cleaning your home. Check your locks and do the necessary work to get them ready for the next turn of the seasons.

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