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You’re looking at having some remodeling done on your home and the possibility has come up for some changes to your front door. Chances are you already have a standard single-entry door at the front of your house, as is the default with most construction projects on home models.

But have you considered double entry doors as a possible upgrade for your home?

It can have some surprising benefits for you and your home. Since the safety of your home comes first, making sure it is professionally installed and the locks are secure should be at the top of your list. Consider a licensed locksmith to get the job done right.

Single entry doors are common and a safe bet if you’re ever unsure. But if you’re looking for a change or an upgrade, a double entry front door is an excellent way to add value to your home as well as a plus in logistical use for fairly little investment and not much structural change to the home itself. It’s an easy and less intensive way to add some curb appeal to your home and make the comings and goings from your front door that much easier.

Below are some of the things to consider if you’re looking into getting a double entry door over a single-entry door.


Double entry doors offer a focal point for your home and a larger access way. They also are one of the few places you can get glass accents onto a home, according to many contractors. But what style do you actually go for? Some offer more glass panels or more wood panels than other, some offer different knob options, some different door knocker options. There’s a lot of styles you can go with to add accents to your entry door.


You can have some fun with this. For many, the single-entry front door on their home might be metal or some sort of composite material that’s low cost. But if you’re upgrading to a double entry doorway you can spring for a deep wood, coated steel, or fiberglass, all of which have their own benefits and advantages that include ability to withstand weather, resistance to damage, safety and more.

Related Questions

How Wide Should I Go?

So, you want your double entry door, but how wide should you make it? Double entry door sizes can range from 74’’ by 82’’ to 100’’ by 82’’ and anywhere in between depending on what kind of door you get and the style you go for.

How Much Will I Spend?

This is a huge range and depends on the materials and style you choose. You can expect to start at around $1,000 for a basic door with installation cost and can go into the thousands after factoring in materials and construction, depending on the style you choose.

While making your decision, consult with a local locksmith that specializes in door repair and installation if you have any questions and consider them for installation when the time comes. Happy shopping!

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