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Locksmiths have many services that they can provide for customers ranging from residential to commercial projects. Let’s take a look at some of the common services that locksmiths can perform for you, as well as a few that you might not be aware of!

Key Replacement and Copying

This is probably the most common service other than open your car door after you lock the keys in the car. Locksmiths have all the equipment necessary in their vehicle in most cases to create a copy of an important key on the spot.

If you lose a key that is very important and you need a replacement, many locksmiths are able to create a replacement key for you from scratch. This service is invaluable to the public and has saved many people from headaches over the years.

Door and Window Lock Repairs

If your lock on a door or window is broken, you don’t always need to replace the lock entirely. There are many locks in use today that are designed to be easily fixed by a professional locksmith.

Fixing a lock in some cases may be a cheaper option compared to replacement, and a skilled locksmith should have little issue identifying and fixing the problem. Some also provide door repair and installation as one of their many services, so make sure to ask.

If you have a damaged lock, fixing it should be at the top of your to-do list. Security for your home or business should always be a number one priority.

Rekeying Locks

This is a great option for large buildings and businesses that use the same locks and keys to secure a building. A locksmith can go through each lock and change the pin arrangement and create new keys in the event of a security breach or if keys go missing.

Businesses that have missing keys are usually the result of a firing or if an employee quits the workplace and fails to return keys that allow access to confidential information or critical areas, allowing disgruntled former employees to potentially access these areas illegally.

There are more secure options available such as keyless entry, camera systems and master key systems that can bring your business up to date.

Safe Installation and Selection

Some locksmith businesses might also specialize in the installation of safes. If this is something that the locksmith offers, they will select the best option for your particular security situation and safe needs.

This can be anything from a small safe for an office setting to a large safe need to secure large quantities of valuable material or information.

Fire and Panic Exits

Panic exits, also known as crash bars, are the emergency doors that are commonly seen in commercial buildings such as schools and hospitals. Emergency doors help limit the potential for human wave stampedes when large amounts of people run to the exits in the event of an emergency.

Some locksmith companies offer customers the ability to install crash bar setups to their commercial and public buildings, and in some cases, these are required for the building when it comes to safety and building codes.


Locksmiths are able to do much more than simply unlock your car door for you. They can create new keys from scratch, repair locks, install safes, and install safety mechanisms among many other services. Be sure that the locksmith you hire is a skilled professional and proficient in the task at hand.

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