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Having security when it comes to your business is paramount. Not only on the exterior, but in the interior as well. Let’s take a look at why you should have some sort of safe located at your business and how it can help you.

Investing in a safe for your business will at the very least, keep your essentials protected.

Protection Against Theft

This reason is definitely the most obvious one, but also the most important. Theft is a big risk for any business, whether it’s employee theft, or a stranger breaking and entering your business after hours. Employee theft costs on average 50 billion a year, with employee theft cost per business coming to an average of over 1 million dollars.

Safes are designed to operate in many ways from security codes on keypads, fingerprint scanning, or the old-fashioned way of simply using a key or a combination dial.

It’s imperative that only select employees have access to the safe no matter the type used, and in the event of theft, it can be narrowed down to those few employees.

Lowering Insurance Costs

For small businesses especially, insurance can be expensive. The more security measures you have implemented at your place of business, the smaller your insurance premiums are likely to be.

If you install a high quality safe or implement other security measures for your business, be sure to discuss this with your insurance company to determine exactly how much money it will save you. If the safe is professionally installed by, this will also increase the likelihood of your premiums dropping. A licensed locksmith can help with installation.

Prioritizing Security

Prioritizing security, not just in terms of money is important, it sets a good example and if you have employees, it helps to ensure a secure environment. Risk management in terms of security is something everyone should take seriously.

Smart items to keep locked up in your business safe would be things such as confidential employee documents, business credit cards, receipts, employee medical and insurance documents, and digital media on flash drives.

Fire Protection

Fires can happen as the result of many reasons, faulty wiring, arson from an angry employee, the secretary left her space heater on after business hours, machinery malfunctions, and many more.

A high-quality safe will keep all the important things listed earlier safe in the event of a fire. Allowing you to access your important business documents, employee records, or probably most importantly insurance records after the dust has settled.

Water Protection

Like fire protection, depending on your location water damage protection is also a good reason to keep a safe in your business. Flooding, pipes bursting and flooding, or hurricanes if it applies, are all things that could potentially damage your documents and valuables. A high-quality safe will protect your valuables in the event of any water hazard situations.

Peace of Mind

One of the most important reasons for you as a business owner, in the end, will be the peace of mind knowing that all these things are secure in the event of any misfortune or theft. Having a safe professionally installed at your business will allow you to go home at the end of the day with one less thing to worry about.


The pros of having a professionally installed safe at your business far outweigh any cons that we can think of. From cheaper insurance premiums to security, and peace of mind. Ensuring your valuable items are safe from theft and damage is paramount for any business large to small, and if you don’t have a safe installed, you should probably look into it.

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