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When you think of your home, you probably feel safe and for the most part you are. However, property crime is no stranger to our existence, and it can occur anytime and anywhere. In 2018 alone studies have shown that there were 7.2 million property crimes in the United States, with burglary making up 17% and Larceny/theft making up over 72% of those. This has increased almost 6% in 2019 as well as we head into 2020.

Having your locks rekeyed or replaced is important to your property’s security and your belongings.

There are many reasons why you should have this done. In this article we will take a look at when you should have this done to reduce the risks of theft or unlawful entry.

Reducing Your Chances of Becoming a Crime Victim

With the staggering numbers mentioned in our introduction, the most paramount reason to have your locks changed at your home or other properties is obvious. With the most obvious reason to not become a victim of crimes. While this is a fairly broad answer let’s dive deeper.

Moving into a new Home

Changing locks when moving to a new home is very important. You have no idea who has spare sets of keys to your property, or how many may be floating out around. Changing your locks when moving into a new home ensures that you won’t have to worry about someone who previously had access to your home returning when no one is around.

Someone Lost their key

If someone in your home has lost their keys it would be wise to change your locks, especially if you know that the person didn’t lose the key at home. It could have been taken by someone who knows where you or that person lives with plans to steal belongings.

After Home Improvement or Repair

If you have had contractors working on your property recently, you may have given them spare keys to do their work while you are away from home. Even if the contractors gave you the spare keys back, someone could have made duplicates in order to return to your home at a later time to commit theft.

You have had Your Property Burglarized Recently

This is another obvious reason. If you have been the victim of theft or burglary recently, it would be a very wise idea to change all locks on your property to prevent any chances that the criminals somehow got a spare key and can return again.

Your Single Again

If you have had a recent separation with a former partner you might want to consider changing your locks. Even if you and your ex are on friendly terms, a jealous ex could get access to the spare key, or your ex could enter your home to take your belongings.

You Break a Key in Your Lock

If you break a key in one of your locks, it may be a good idea to change all your properties locks. This keeps your key management simple. Instead of having multiple keys that you could easily lose for different doors on your property, you could simply keep it to the bare minimum.

Your Existing Locks are Old and Rusty

If your locks are old, rusty and damaged, or don’t lock and unlock smoothly, it might be time to upgrade them. Old locks are easy to malfunction and not fully lock when you think they have, or even worse are easy to manipulate or break if someone wants to access your property.


Doing everything you can to maintain security at your property for you and your belongings is something that should be at the top of your list. We listed some of our most important reasons to consider changing your locks, but you very well may think of reasons not included on this list to base your decision to do so. Be sure to contact a professional locksmith to make your rekeying needs simple and hassle free.

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