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Re-keying a lock may involve hiring a skilled locksmith to change a door lock so that old keys will not work and only new keys will open a door. Some skilled DIY enthusiasts may be able to re-key a lockset. However, re-keying is best left to skilled locksmiths to ensure a securely installed lock-set.

Re-keying is also called “re-pinning” a lock. Typically, a new homeowner, or renter, will re-key or replace a lock-set keeping out unintended intruders. Re-keying involves using a re-key toolkit which contains gauges, pins, springs, tumblers, and other parts and tools. During re-keying, the lock cylinder and plug are removed along with the worn pins and springs which are replaced. The lock is reassembled, lubricated, and tested for correct function.

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Most homes have common key locks which have a door knob and deadbolt lock-set. Such locks contain a small cylinder. Inside and around the lock cylinder are several pairs of pins as well as tumblers. The multiple pairs of pins vary in height and rest inside a shaft which passes through the center of the lock cylinder. On top of the shaft are several small springs which hold the pins in place. Each pair of pins has top and bottom pins.

When the key is not in the lock, the bottom pins sit inside a plug. The top pins sit both inside and outside the plug which stops the cylinder from rotating, thus locking the door. The shear-line is shared by the plug and the cylinder housing. Inside the cylinder is another part called a tang. When the door is unlocked, the tang sits inside the cylinder. When the door is locked, the tang sits both inside and outside of the cylinder and it is released by a key. When the key turns the cylinder, another part called a cam is turned which releases a spring and forces the tang forward securing the door’s lock-set to the doorjamb.

Reversing the process, the door will not open until the tang is withdrawn which unlocks the door. Some lock-sets have 5-pin systems with 5 notches, or cuts, on the key and other sets have 6-pin systems with 6 notches on the key. Cylinder lock-sets use one key to lock and unlock the doorknob. When the key is inserted, the lock-set function forces the mechanism to move the pins which are subsequently pushed to predetermined heights. Within the cylinder housing when the pins reach the correct height and placement, the correctly notched key will cause the pins to lock or unlock the door. An incorrectly notched key will not match the lock-set and might become stuck inside a lock. A key must contain the correct amount of notches, or cuts, “keyed” to the doorknob lock-set to allow for the correct locking function.

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