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When you think about it, the small mechanism of the lock in your door is practically the only thing keeping you protected from the outside world. It’s a simple feature, yet we have relied on locks for hundreds of years to get this not so simple job done- provide security.

Locks are also private until you lose your key, move into a place where someone else has lived before, or perhaps even fire a disgruntled employee. Any of these situations could mean that you want to consider new locks. In the past, most homeowners have only considered replacing their locks, but few know that re-keying is also an option.

If you’re a homeowner in need of new locks, here’s how re-keying versus replacing size up, and exactly which option is best for you.

Re-keying a lock

Never heard of re-keying? You’re not alone. Most homeowners have never heard of it either, and while it may sound like magic, it’s simpler than you think.

Re-keying is not something you can do alone, and it does require the work of a professional locksmith. However, if you’re wondering if your lock is able to be re-keyed, the answer is: yes, it is; all locks are.

Re-keying allows you to keep the look and design of the original lock. The only thing that must be present is the matching key to the original lock. Otherwise, the lock will have to be picked apart, which is possible by a skilled professional, but will increase the cost.

The process of re-keying is simple: A locksmith will take the lock apart and remove the old tumblers or pins and replace them with new ones. These new pins will no longer match the old key and require an entirely new one. With the right tools, this process is simple and fast. Not to mention you might want to choose it because it is cheaper, and you get to keep your old locks.

Replacing a lock

Replacing a lock is usually the go-to for homeowners and exactly what it sounds like. For typical residential locks, it can be done by yourself or by a professional. This means completely removing the lock from the hole in your door and replacing it with a new one.

Homeowners might choose this option when they want to change the design of their locks, they want to upgrade to higher security or electronic locks, or they want all house locks to be of the same brand or use the same key. Replacing a lock includes the cost of the entire lock itself and labor costs if you hire a locksmith.

What should you do?

There’s no need to make your locks more puzzling than they already are. The answer is simple. If you’re looking for security, re-keying your locks is the answer. It’s simple, cheap, and equally as secure as buying brand new locks.

If you’re looking for an upgraded look or security, such as with an electronic lock, then replacing your lock is best. Either way, a simple phone call to your local locksmith is always helpful.

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