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Unfortunately, many companies care very little for their customers. We recently had to order a very specific lock for a customer and were told the lock is no longer made. They told us the part numbers for a new lock that was supposed to be a direct and perfect replacement for the old one (emtek223 and emtek224). When we went to install the new lock it did not fit properly, and when asked why the cylinders didn’t line up properly we immediately received a “oh you must have so and so door! Yeah that lock wont fit”  and when asked why they would tell us its a perfect replacement they responded with ” well we rarely run into this problem, you need this other style cylinder” them when I asked her to send me one they said they no longer produce it and basically left us dead in the water. Had to custom fabricate new parts, and modify an older lock to make it function properly and it took a total of three separate trips to that job site. We do our best to make sure our customers receive ALL the information we can provide them with and know all the details pertaining to their locks.