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Mechanical locks and electronic locks both have pros and cons, and both have their times and place in terms of where they should be used. Let’s take a closer look at these two lock types and break down the pros and cons of both. Is one type of lock better?

A licensed locksmith can help you determine which lock is best for what you need.


It’s important to consider what the lock is being used for. This such as outside doors, inside doors, valuables safes, or gun safes. How often are you going to be using the lock? How quickly do you need to get access? If this is a case used for protection with a firearm inside this is a very important factor. Is the environment the lock is in damp, cold, or dark? These are just a few considerations you might want to consider when deciding between these two locks.

Mechanical Locks

Everyone is familiar with the standard mechanical locks. They work very well, and they come in many styles and types. Modern mechanical locks have also drastically improved with high quality materials, mechanisms and security.

Mechanical locks are also very reliable with most varieties lasting for decades. This is probably the two biggest reasons to use mechanical locks, durability and reliability.

There are locks like deadbolt locks and padlocks and many more designs that all fit various niches for almost any security situation.

Electronic locks

Electronic locks are popular in the modern age, and like mechanical locks come in various forms. The most popular type of electronic lock is the keypad or number pad locks. These locks require a chosen code to be punched in on the lock to gain access.

Other popular types are fingerprint that require the owner’s fingerprint to open, and keycard locks that require a keycard that has been programmed with the lock to enter, these are particularly popular at workplaces or buildings or rooms that are only accessed by approved individuals.

Electronic aspect aside, the lock mechanisms in electronic locks are essentially the same as the mechanical designs in terms of quality and functionality.

When to Use Which

Electronic locks

Electronic locks like keypad or fingerprint locks are great for when you need to access the locked contents quickly, making them popular today with small gun safes for home security that are kept under the owners bed or somewhere they can access it quickly.

They are also popular for outside doors of houses and garages. With keypad locks on the outsides doors of homes becoming increasingly popular.

One make con to electronic locks is the fact that they are electronic, and batteries can die leaving people unable to access their property if the owner doesn’t have the key with them. Whereas mechanical locks have no batteries and will work every time.

Mechanical Locks

Mechanical locks are great at just about everything in terms of locks and is the reason they are still the majority of locks used. They are far more reliable than electronic locks if for no reason other than battery life issues.

If it Isn’t Broke

“If it isn’t broke don’t fix it” as the old saying goes, and it’s true. Mechanical locks are still your best choice despite high tech electronic locks in most cases. With the exception of home security and protection or other situations where fast unlocking is something needed. Mechanical locks will provide you with reliable property security for years and even decades.

Choosing the right lock can be confusing, especially if you are struggling with what is best for your security needs. Reaching out to your trusted local locksmith for advice is a good idea.

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