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If you have ever been locked out of your car or home, chances are you had to call a locksmith. Likewise, if you needed a spare key made or needed to have your locks in your home rekeyed, a locksmith helped you with this. However, these are not the only things that locksmiths can do.

Did you know that locksmiths offer other services that may be a great help to you?

Here are five ways that a locksmith can help you with your home or business.

Installing Safer Door and Window Locks and Activating Security Systems

Has the number of break-ins in your neighborhood increased recently? Or do you simply want to have some comfort knowing that your family and belongings are safe? You may not know it, but locksmiths can help make your home safe from burglars. When locksmiths come out to inspect your home, they will check the doors and window locks. If they determine that your windows should have better locks, they can replace them.

Upon examining your front and back door, locksmiths may determine that the doors are not optimized for safety. One way that locksmiths will encourage you to make your doors safer is by adding a deadbolt lock. They will also encourage you to have your doors reinforced. To do this, locksmiths will strengthen the door at the door jamb and the door edge. This makes the door stronger in case an intruder tries to kick it in or pry it open.

If you still need more security beyond reinforcing your windows and doors, a locksmith can install a security system in your home. They may also install security cameras in strategic places on the inside and outside of the house.

Opening Safes

When you forget the combination to your safe or it malfunctions, locksmiths that specialize in safes can help. They will first verify that the safe belongs to you and then crack the safe. This process involves opening a safe without a combination or a key. Also, if you feel that your security combination has been compromised and you don’t want to purchase a new safe, locksmiths can help you reset the combination. If your lock has been damaged by a burglar, but you still need to get the contents out, a locksmith can help.

Repairing Damaged Locks

Sometimes you will need your locks to be repaired. This may be because someone may have attempted to break into your home unsuccessfully and damaged the locks in the process. You may also need your locks repaired because they are becoming harder to open. For instance, cold temperatures may have caused the locking mechanism to malfunction making the lock harder to open. Or, the lock may be jamming because the locking system is old or full of debris. Whatever the cause of damages to your locks, you can rest assured that locksmiths can help you out of this bind.

Fixing Broken Keys

Have you ever been eager to get into your house for one reason or another, and you put the key into the lock and the key breaks in half? This can be annoying. Luckily, you won’t have to get a new lock for your door in most cases. Locksmiths assess whether the broken key can be fixed. If it can, they will remove the broken part of the key from the lock and combine it with the part you have on your key chain to refurbish the key. They will align the broken key parts and make a copy of it. The key copy will be like new.

Commercial Services

Locksmiths do a lot of work around the house, but did you know they perform commercial services, too? If you are a business owner, a locksmith can be quite helpful for you if your keyless entry fails. Or they can help if you need an alarm system set up to secure the premises of your company. Locksmiths can also help you to install intercom systems so that you can vet who enters your place of business, particularly after hours. They can even inspect your automatic doors and make sure that they are working correctly.

Most of us probably encounter locksmiths because we have locked ourselves out of something, namely our homes or our cars. However, locksmiths have a wealth of skills to help clients. As you have seen above, locksmiths can install security systems, make your windows and doors safer and much more. Were you aware that locksmiths are such resourceful people? If not, now you know that they are more than just door openers.

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