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Many people think “I live here so I can do what I want” when in reality that’s not the case. Yes you “can” do what you want, but you shouldn’t. The first question you should ask yourself is if you rent or own your home. If you rent, chances are, its a violation of your lease to change the locks unless you supply the landlord with the new key. The second thing you should ask is “is this safe’?  Many people think that when you have small children, or a sidelight in the door, you should install a double cylinder deadbolt (deadbolt that needs a key for the inside as well). We always try to chase people away from that option because, although it will keep your kids from opening the door, and keep burglars from breaking glass and reaching in, it presents a MASSIVE fire risk. If there is a fire, and you haven’t left a key in that lock, chances are you wont be able to use it as an escape. If your wondering what you can do about your locks, if you dislike the way they work or look, the best option you have is too call your locksmith and ask. Any good locksmith will be happy to advise you for your own good.