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Everyone is busy, and occasionally forgetful, which can lead to an accidental lockout. When that happens, you might need to call a reputable locksmith service to help you re-enter your home. This is a good time to upgrade your present door lock system. Consider switching to an electronic lock, a smart lock, or a keyless entry system.

Action Locksmith Inc can help with all your locks and entry systems. Below are a few steps to take if you have been locked out.

First, don’t panic, try calling a trusted friend or relative to help with unlocking a door, especially if they have a copy of your house key. While you are waiting for trusted help, try another door or window that you can reach to see if it can be opened. Also, if you have a trusted neighbor, they may be able to help as well. If either of you have skills, a screwdriver, a lock picking set or other tools, removing the doorknob is a start. However, calling a trusted locksmith is always going to be your best bet.

Some people resort to using a drill to open the door which damages the lock. Then, you will need to quickly replace the lock. Reiterating, calling a locksmith is a better idea. A professional locksmith service can not only open your door, they can evaluate and make sure everything is safe and repair any damages done to your locks and doors.

As a preventative measure, installing a new lock system such a s a smart lock, keyless lock or an electronic system is a great idea. A certified locksmith service should have everything you need. They have specialized tools to help unlock your door. They can tell you all about the new technology involved with smart locks and keyless entry systems. In addition, they know about adding camera equipped security systems.

Action Locksmith Inc is a trusted business and has been servicing Michigan residents and business owners for over 30 years. We are a mobile locksmith service that has experience in all facets of locksmithing available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With the most current state of the art equipment and tools, we can meet all your residential and business security door and lock needs.

Our experienced and professional locksmith technicians do everything from re-keying to keyless entry, repairs and camera systems. We can provide a detailed survey and plan of action for your home or business. Call us at 248-672-0462 to learn more!