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Times are changing every day. But just because times change, doesn’t mean that everyone’s tastes in homes change. Some homeowners still love vintage homes. Other homeowners enjoy contemporary homes. Additionally, a subset of homeowners want high-tech homes. With different homes, there will be different front door locks for each of these houses.

The vintage-loving homeowner will probably want locks that mimic those of the past while keeping their belongings safe. The new age homeowner will probably want keyless entry. And all other homeowners will want keyed locks to open their door.

It’s good to know that locksmiths can cater to all types of homeowners’ needs.

So what kind of locks do you want for your home?

Locksmiths for Vintage Homes

Perhaps you love old-fashioned homes. However, one thing that may not have crossed your mind when you purchased your vintage home is the locks. Do you upgrade the locks on your vintage home to match contemporary ones? Or, do you restore your old locks, maintaining the vintage charm?

Before making changes to your old-fashioned home, you have to make sure that the city allows it. With some vintage homes, there are minimal changes that you can make if it is classified as a historic home. A home is “historic” if the National Register of Historic Places classifies the home as such. Usually these homes are placed on the National Register because of an architectural style. Or, these homes may be associated with famous people of the past or a significant period. As a result, you can make some minor changes to the house but not like you can with general old-fashioned homes. Buyers beware: strict rules apply with such homes.

Suppose you have a historic home. Since you want to keep the home in line with its vintage style and comply with the city regulations, you may want to keep the original doors and locks. How can you restore the locks to their original charm while ensuring your family’s safety? A locksmith. Yes, some locksmiths specialize in restoring vintage lock mechanisms.

Locksmiths for Contemporary Homes

Most homeowners will opt for a traditional keyed locking mechanism for front door locks. This type of system is the most common form of lock. Current locking systems may not have the unique charm that old-fashioned locks have. They also don’t have the ease that keyless entry has. But, traditional locks don’t have to be boring.

There are a few common types of front door locks that may excite you. For example, you may like the doorknob lock which is the most common type of front door locks. Another type of door lock is handle sets which allow the user to open the door with the thumb. Hand levers are an alternative to doorknob locks. Deadbolt locks are usually used in conjunction with doorknob locks to provide an additional level of security. A locksmith can help you install traditional keyed locks for your home.

Locksmiths for Futuristic Homes

One thing that is quickly becoming all the rage is keyless entry. You see it everywhere: on business doors, on garages, and on cars. Nowadays, keyless entry front door locks is becoming more popular. Perhaps it’s because these homeowners don’t like carrying keys around. Or, they want to feel like they are living in a tech-savvy age. Whatever the reason may be for this emerging technology, there is a locksmith that specializes in upgrading and maintaining such front door locks.

If you want to embrace the new trend, highly skilled locksmiths can provide you with various options for keyless entry. Below are the top keyless entry styles:

  • Keypad Locks – this keyless entry allows the user to open the door using a combination of numbers to unlock the door
  • Touchscreen – similar to the keypad, this keyless entry enables a user to unlock the door using a combination but with a much sleeker, button-free design
  • Biometric – this type of keyless entry uses a fingerprint to open the door
  • Bluetooth Locks – this type of keyless entry allows the user to lock and unlock the door using their blue-tooth enabled smartphone
  • RFID – homeowners can use an electronic key card with this type of keyless entry to open the door

Keyless entry can add cool, state-of-the-art eloquence to your home. Unfortunately, forgetting the combination or power failure could turn this exciting new trend into a pain. Despite this drawback, a locksmith can help you make the best keyless entry choice and install it.

Do you want a vintage lock or a new-age keyless one? How about a traditional locking system? No matter your tastes, rest assured that a locksmith can provide you with a locking system suitable for your home. Above all, your family and valuables will be safe regardless of which front door locks you choose.

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