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Keyless entry systems are becoming standard on many new cars. Consumers have become used to the convenience of walking up to their cars and having the doors unlock automatically because of sensors in the key fob that is in their pocket or purse. It is no wonder then that people are looking to ditch the traditional keyed door entry systems in their homes in favor of the convenience of keyless electronic door lock systems.

As with any product, there are advantages and disadvantages to these keyless electronic door systems.

The convenience of not having to fish around in an over-stuffed purse or pocket for your house key is one of the top advantages of a keyless door lock. Another clear advantage is that keys can be lost. If they are lost, the most prudent course of action is to change the lock. The expense and time involved can be disruptive to a busy homeowner, especially if the family member that is losing the key, like a child, teenager or senior, has a tendency to repeatedly lose keys.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to face the security risk of hiding a key under a rock or in a planter by the door, leaving your home vulnerable to a thief finding the key and using it to enter your home.

Added Safety Benefits

Keyless entry is also more convenient and safer if you routinely have service company employees, like house cleaners and pet sitters entering your home when you are not there. Changing the code is usually simple.1 If there is a reason to dismiss a service company you can change the code and feel confident your home is secure.

With more advanced systems you can provide a unique code for each person who enters the home. This allows you to delete access when you deem that the employee should no longer be able to enter your home. With those more advanced systems you can also remotely monitor who is entering and leaving your home.2

Beneficial for Seniors and the Disabled

Using a traditional key requires some manual dexterity. For seniors or the disabled, keypad locks are easier to use than a traditional key, as they don’t require physical strength to operate.3 They can also be easier to access in low-light conditions, as many of them are backlit.


If you abhor technology, then a keyless entry system wouldn’t be a good fit for you. Even the most basic system can confound those who are technologically challenged. This concern, however, can be easily overcome by having a locksmith set up and provide an orientation to the system.

While most people never do any maintenance on their door locks, if you install a keyless system you do have to make sure that the battery for the back-up system is good. Most systems will signal when the battery level is low.

If you are using a keyless system on a vacation home or another location where you aren’t closely monitoring it, the system can fail, usually resulting in a lock-out that must be resolved by using an actual key. Most keyless locks require only a small amount of battery power per use and can operate anywhere between three to five years off the original batteries.4 Circuit boards in the keyless locking systems can also fail, although this is rare.

Keyless entry systems can also be compromised by a thief who observes the homeowner pressing the code numbers on the keypad. In addition, if a homeowner keeps the same code and frequently presses those same numbers on the keypad, the numbers may wear down and a thief could figure out the code based on the numbers that are worn.

Cost is generally one of the biggest considerations in whether or not to purchase a keyless lock system. Keyless locks are more expensive to purchase and replace, costing between $150 and $250, as opposed to a traditional deadbolt, which costs about $20 to $50.

Both traditional door locks and keyless entry serve the same purpose, it’s a matter of personal preference. In either case, make sure to consult a professional locksmith service to make sure the job is done right.

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