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Your front door is a household item used numerous times each day, yet its wear and tear is often overlooked when it comes time to decide what your next home improvement project will be.

How do you know it is time to replace your front door?

Your front door may actually be giving you signals that it is time to be replaced — from weather-related conditions to security issues, or perhaps you are simply looking to beautify your home and replacing your old front door is the perfect place to start.

There are many factors in deciding whether you should replace your front door. Below, we address some questions you may have to help you determine if it’s time to welcome in your new front door.

What Are Signs You Need To Replace Your Front Door?

Walking in and out of your front door is so routine that you may be missing the signs your door needs to be replaced. There are many indications that point towards the need to install a new door, including:

Cracks: Doors deteriorate with time and any cracks in your door can bring in insects. Cracks can also lead to wood rot and structural issues.

Difficulty Opening/Closing: If your door sticks or scrapes on the floor, it is likely warped. When a door is difficult to open it can hinder your safety in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Drafts: Your door should be tightly-seamed so you neither feel the hot summer air nor the cold air of winter coming through your front door.

Light: If too much light is coming through the perimeter of your front door it may be that the door is pulling away from the frame, or there are other structural issues.

Mold/Mildew: Overtime, front doors can experience mold and mildew — especially doors with glass windows. If you notice condensation forming in between the glass panes this can indicate mold/mildew may have set into the door.

Why Is It Difficult To Lock My Front Door?

It should be an easy glide to lock and unlock your front door. If it has become difficult to lock and unlock your door, it could mean your front door has structural damage.

Replacing your front door is also a great time to upgrade your locking system. You want to make sure you have a high security lock that offers you the safety needed to feel protected in your home. Today’s locks offer great options — from basic cylinder door locks and deadbolts to advanced electrical locks.

Does Your Front Door Have Curb Appeal?

You want your front door to be a welcoming sight for you and anyone looking at or approaching your home. Also, if you are placing your home on the market installing a new front door is pleasing to any potential buyer. According to Consumer Reports, if you’re selling your home, adding curb appeal can increase your home’s value up to 5%.

Additionally, your front door should reflect your home’s style and character. Basically, your front door holds the key to your home’s personality.

Does Replacing Your Front Door Improve Home Security?

A new, secure front door can improve home security. Your aging door may not provide the security benefits you are looking for in a front door. Today’s stronger materials like steel and fiberglass, along with high-level locking systems offer higher safety measures against intruders.

Replacing your old door with a new manufactured front door can also make a home more peaceful by cutting down traffic and neighborhood noise.

Related Questions

What Are the Benefits of Replacing Your Front Door?

Installing a new front door rejuvenates the look of your home without the expense of a major remodel. There are many advantages to replacing your front door including energy-efficiency, improved security, durability and improving your home’s appearance.

Is Replacing Your Front Door a Good Investment?

When you replace your front door you automatically increase the value of your home, both visually and financially. Not only are today’s designs aesthetically pleasing, they are created to withstand heat and minimize warping/cracking that will improve the energy efficiency in your home, resulting in lower energy bills.


Your front door is standing at the front line when it comes to weather changes, security and energy efficiency, and it is certainly front and center to making a great first impression. Deciding it is time to replace your front door may be an inviting choice. Remember to consult with a trusted professional locksmith that specializes in door repair and installation to get the job done right and ease your concerns.

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