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Do you know how to protect your home when you are away traveling? It does not matter if you are going away for a night, weekend, week, or a whole month. Before locking the doors and driving away, be certain to take all necessary precautions to protect your home.

As a professional locksmith company focused on the security of our clients’ homes and businesses, we wrote this article to give you the necessary security tips for protecting your home when you are away.

Steps to Take to Protect Your Home While Traveling for Peace of Mind

You have scheduled your trip, bought the ticket and planned the itinerary. When protecting your home while you go away, you want it to appear like you never left. The way to achieve this is by doing the following:

● Place temporary holds on all deliveries, mail, and newspapers. (A bunch of newspapers in the driveway or a mailbox filled with mail is a sure sign no one’s home)

● Make sure there’s a vehicle parked in your driveway. Ask a neighbor if they can park in your driveway. (Occasionally shifting the vehicle’s position will assure would-be thieves the house is not unoccupied).

● Have timers installed on various indoor lights–this gives the appearance someone is home.

● Outdoor lighting should have motion detectors installed. This is a good idea even if you are home. This is also an energy saving plan. The lights will only be on when someone walks in the area that triggers it to come on.

Security Tips for Protecting Your Home When Traveling

Law enforcement officers have compiled a few tips for keeping your home protected when you go on vacation. These tips include setting up or joining a “neighborhood watch” group. This group consists of your neighbors who get together to watch each other’s homes while someone is away. Also, do not post your vacation plans on social media–this is an open invitation to criminals! In addition, never leave a spare key in a “secret” location outdoors. This is just as though you handed a would-be thief the key to your home.

Related Question

Does leaving a light on in my home deter burglars?

Leaving a light on inside your home can slow down a burglar. Yet, if no one answers the door when they knock on it, they will still break in. Motion lights or indoor lights on a timer are the better option.

Final Thoughts

In closing, it is a good idea to leave a spare key with a trusted friend or family member. Do not tell anyone else when you actually leave or expect to return. Even though you may trust the person, they might let it slip to someone you don’t know. And don’t forget about your doors and locks. Do a quick survey of all exterior doors and their locks and make sure they are functioning properly. Address any door lock concerns as well as your home security system with a residential locksmith before you leave.

If you follow these guidelines, next time you leave for a trip or vacation you can be confident your home is protected.

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