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While many people think first of door styles, door color, and overall design, one aspect of putting together a door is making sure you have the hardware that’s not only correct for the door, but also aesthetically on point with what you’re aiming to do with your door. There’s more nuance than you might realize when it comes to picking hardware for your door.

How do you choose door hardware for your home?

From handle types to knobs and lockset types, there’s a lot of variables when it comes to picking the right hardware for your door. How much privacy you’d like the door to encourage, how easy you’d like it to be for guests and children, and many other factors will play a role in deciding on your door hardware.

To help you sift through the choices of door hardware, we’ve put together a list of some common things you might come across while looking at door hardware.

Knob Types

When we say knobs, we mean more than just the square and round door levers you’re used to. While those are a classic and work with virtually any door, handles that pivot and both an elegant choice to class up a door, and approved by the ADA for those with disabilities. This can make it a great choice anywhere in the house, but especially outside where guests will most frequent the front door.

Knob Attachment

This is a small detail and something you may not even notice but is still important. Older doors utilize exposed screws that are, unfortunately, both a little unsightly and can easily become loose with use over the years. More common today, and something you’ll likely gravitate towards, is the no screw style called a detent.


There are four main types of locksets for your common household doors: passage (no lock), privacy (one sided lock), keyed entry (locks requiring a key), and dummy locksets (no locks and non-pivoting doorknobs). Which of these you need depends on what will be behind the door. Bathrooms tend to get privacy locksets, front doors and some bedrooms get keyed entry, and linen closets often get dummy locksets.

Related Questions

How Much Do Doorknobs Cost?

Your basic indoor doorknob ranges from $80-$100 while higher end interior doorknobs will go for as much as $120. Exterior is even more starting at $95 and going up to almost $260. On average, expect to pay at least $100 for a decent doorknob, either indoors or exterior. Shop around to compare prices. Also, asking a trusted local locksmith is a good idea.

Do Locksmiths Replace Doorknobs?

Most locksmiths will be able to fix or retool a lock in a door without replacing your doorknob. If the lock is damaged, replacing it is easy and you don’t need a new knob for it. You can always upgrade if you want, but generally it’s not necessary.

Picking your doorknob and accessories is one small step in making your door the most it can be both logistically and aesthetically in your home. For more help, contact your local locksmith pro.

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