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At some point, we’re all going to be in this position: you’re locked out of your car or home without a pair of keys and no spare hiding under a rock at the front door. What do you do? When this happens, panic can start to set in, and you might make decisions in trying to get into your home that could damage your property. You don’t have to though.

How to tackle the issue of losing your keys is going to depend largely on what kind of key you need.

A car key and a house key are more different than you might think and require different actions to handle. But, there’s ways to deal with virtually every lockout that don’t involve breaking windows or locks.

To get an idea for what you need to do during a lockout, here are some tips depending on the type of key and lock you’re dealing with

Car Key

This is the most common lockout and the simplest to deal with. Call a local locksmith and get a new key made right on the spot. However, a caveat to this is that unusual cars, exotic models, or very old models may be a bit more difficult to recreate a key for and require more intensive work to get the door open. However, the majority of modern cars will be able to be unlocked this way.

Fob Key

Many keys are switching towards key fobs as an alternative to traditional car key models. The fob works electronically to unlock doors and even start a car. As you might imagine, a lockout here is a little bit trickier. If you have your traditional key still, you can use that. If not, simply do the steps above and get a replacement fob which are, luckily, pretty inexpensive.

Smart Key

On many new cars, they’re opting in for a keyless ignition in the form of a smart key. This operates on a proximity sensor to start the car when the key is nearby, and a foot is on the break. If you lose your smart key, unfortunately you’re going to have to call a tow truck. The dealership will have to issue you a new smart key once the door is unlocked.

Related Questions

What Does This Cost?

Different keys are going to cost different prices from a locksmith. Traditional lockouts are fairly inexpensive though there may be a fee for the emergency services. A lockout with a smart key could cost you upwards of a few hundred dollars for the replacement key and the towing expenses.

What About House Keys?

Getting locked out of your house is a bit more complicated. A professional locksmith service is your best bet. Especially if you want to avoid injury or damaging your home. Once you get in, you’ll want to let your insurance company know and have your locks changed immediately. Keep track of your property and make sure a break-in hasn’t occurred.

There are different ways to tackle different types of lockouts. The important thing is to not panic and remember there are professionals for this. Make sure to find a trusted local locksmith in your area, ask the right questions and be patient.

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