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Door locks are something that most homeowners don’t really give a second thought to unless they fail. Weather can have adverse effects when it comes to your door locks on the outer doors of your home, garage, or business. In this article we will look at how different types of weather affects your door locks.

Understanding why your door locks are finicky can help you decide whether you need to call a locksmith.

Summer Weather

Hot weather and direct sunlight in the summer can cause issues for your door locks. In the summertime the hot temperatures cause doors to swell and expand, this expansion can cause issues such as causing the lock to get jammed or creating misalignment and failure when you attempt to lock the door.

Wooden doors are much more likely to have major issues with locks in the summer months and the heat and especially humidity can cause the wood to swell more than doors made from other materials. Fixing these issues is not as easy as it would seem, attempting to lock or unlock these doors in this condition can require a lot of time and physical effort. Closed Deadbolt locks are typically the most prone style of lock to malfunction in these conditions.

Winter Weather

In the winter problems are also common, but instead of the door expanding and swelling, doors will contract. This contracting puts the lock in an awkward position, causing it to misalign and bind or get jammed in a similar way to a door swelling and expanding. The cold temperatures also affect deadlock bolt style locks more than other styles of locks and can be very different to force or to lock or unlock. In many cases in the winter months you may need to contact a professionally licensed locksmith to fix the issues for you, or to simply open your door.


During certain seasons like early spring or late fall, moisture can become an issue for door locks. If your home’s locks were to gather moisture internally in seasons where temperature can vary significantly your doors could potentially freeze up and cause issues when attempting to lock or unlock. The best prevention for these issues is to keep your locks properly lubricated. Professional locksmiths are recommended for this and can also look for and prevent the other issues mentioned earlier with lock alignment as well.

Lock Problem Prevention

The first step in preventing lock issues due to weather is to call a locksmith to get your lock properly aligned and free from binding or jamming. Afterwards, weather should not affect your locks anymore, and if your current lock is damaged a locksmith will repair or replace it to prevent further issues from occurring.

Other options to help prevent lock misalignment is to change your doors from wood-based construction to steel or fiberglass style doors. Keep in mind that switching to different doors such as steel are more expensive than simply changing your locks, but it is something to consider when it comes to home security for your family and valuables.

Another great way to keep your locks into working order is to have them properly lubricated, in these cases we recommend hiring a professional locksmith. Professional locksmiths are insured, certified and licensed to properly inspect, lubricate, repair or replace your home’s locks.


Door locks are something that most homeowners don’t really think about until it’s an issue. But when it does it’s something that needs to be taken care of professionally and quickly to help secure your home. Professional locksmiths can inspect, repair or replace your locks and prevent it from causing issues for you and your family in the future. Likewise, other door options might be another consideration to look into if you are having issues with your homes locks.

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