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When the weather starts to change, you likely think of gutters and cleaning and yard work. But, the weather can have a big effect on, of all things, door locks. You probably don’t think about it, but if you’re suddenly having problems with your locks as the weather turns, it might not occur to you to look to the weather as a culprit.

Each season brings its own challenges and changes to the state of your door locks.

Knowing what temperature drops, humidity changes, and overall season cycles can do to your locks will help you if you find yourself struggling and aren’t sure what to do.

We’ve outlined the changes that can happen to locks through the changes of the seasons.


The biggest thing you’ll face during this season is jammed locks. The rise in temperature causes wood to expand and, the result, is locks and deadbolts that suddenly seem to not fit in their door. The humidity will also have an effect on the wood. So, throughout rising temperatures of spring into summer, the material of your door warping and expanding around the lock will make using the lock difficult.


As you might imagine, winter is going to create a similar problem because of opposite reasons. As summer ends and we move into fall and winter, the colder temperatures suck moisture out of the air and out of materials and, the degree drop itself will force wood to contract and close in around locks. This poor fit can result in deadbolts being unable to lock or unlock.

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What Other Locks Are Affected by Weather?

The big problem in car locks is if moisture is trapped inside the lock for one reason or another. When the temperature drops below freezing, the lock will freeze up–keys won’t fit, tumblers won’t turn. This is even true for a remote key and electronic lock.

What Do I Do to Fix My Lock?

The best thing to do is to call a locksmith. Locks are intricate and the textiles of doors can be difficult. Calling a professional is your best bet. If your car door is frozen, you can try heating it to get the moisture to melt enough for the lock to move, but, if that doesn’t work, call a professional. To prevent these issues, keep locks dry and inspect your locks regularly.

Problems with locks can be explained by changes in the weather and temperature. Knowing this can help you when you’re not sure why you’ve suddenly got a jammed lock or a deadbolt that won’t lock. Do research and know when to call a trusted local locksmith company.

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