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Key card security systems become a common practice with employers and businesses. These systems give the user the ability to control access to certain areas of a building, use a fob system, and maintain security in the workplace.

How can card access systems benefit your business?

Card access security systems will keep doors the user designates locked at all times. The doors will remain locked until employees or designated users use the key card to unlock them, after the door is unlocked via a magnetic locking system, they will automatically lock again after the door closes.

This system provides security for many scenarios such as, Disgruntled former employees trying to gain access after their termination, protecting critical and important company data or records, and protecting the overall security of employees in the building. These security systems can also be programmed to only allow certain keycard holders to have access at certain times, employees assigned to different hourly shifts for example can only enter at their designated shift start.

Eliminating lost key issues and unauthorized access

Using and giving keys to certain employees for access to certain areas can lead to vulnerability in security due to keys being easily misplaced, leading to the chance that someone could find that key, gaining access to sensitive areas. Digital keypad style or keycard systems help eliminate that vulnerability, if a keycard is lost, the system can be immediately reprogrammed to not accept that individual keycard, unlike keys, where the only real option is to change the lock entirely and replace all old keys held by employees with new ones.

Gives companies full control over who exits and enters rooms or buildings

Studies done in recent years have shown that over 60% of all cyber-attacks are actually carried out by insiders of the company. Restricting access to certain areas, building or rooms in your company, and even restricting access to crucial things like data servers, can prevent these attacks or leaks from happening.

There are certain areas that should not be accessible to everyone in the workplace. Places like HR departments contain sensitive information such as personal information of employees, pay rate records, and other vital company information in which security should be of the utmost importance.

Along with vital personal and company information, certain rooms and areas should also be restricted from employees unless having the proper permissions for access. Rooms protecting staff belongings (reducing the chances of theft). Rooms with expensive office equipment or machinery is another option, only allowing certain staff, such as supervisors or project leads to enter to acquire tools or machinery when it’s needed and reducing the chances of theft or damage. Stock rooms and supply closets are other considerations and can help you keep track and maintain inventories of crucial items needed for an efficient workspace.

Using keycard systems can save you money

Keycard access control systems can actually help your business save money in the long run. Keycard access systems can be integrated into other aspects of your building such as lighting, heating, and air conditioning systems. For instance, when a room or part of your building is only used in a limited capacity, or only for storage, you can set the system to automatically turn on or turn off things like lighting and heating, you can also set timers to automatically turn things like lighting or heating on or off depending on needs. These features help with energy costs and can help your business save money in the long run.

Keep detailed records

Another very important reason to consider Key card access systems is to keep detailed records. Every time an employee accesses an area or building there is a record of who it was and when it happened. If something goes missing, or there is a serious incident which occurs in the workplace, investigating the incident is easy due to seeing who had accessed the specific areas and when they went in or left the room, giving proof of who is responsible, or at the least narrowing it down to a smaller group, aiding in investigating who may be at fault. It can also be used to see if employees are arriving late or leaving earlier than scheduled.


Keycard access systems have become commonplace for companies and businesses for good reason. The benefits of worker safety, accountability, easy to use, area restrictions, security, and even cost saving have made keycard access systems well worth the investment. Creating an efficient work environment that is secure is paramount in today’s world.

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