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When we think of home security we think a door knob and deadbolt. While home some may take other stances when it comes to protecting their home and family. While away we rely on the above two items to secure our home.

I suggest calling your local police department and ask, how many burglaries occurred this year and the time they occurred. Why? Because then you will see what seems to be the trend in your area.

I always use the analogy, the weakest link in a chain. Why? You may spend a large amount of money on fortifying your door, yet have windows, doorwalls and garages poorly secured. You can have a chain that can handle 200 pounds but if you put a link in it that can only handle 50 pounds your entire chain is now rated for 50 pounds. Your locks on your door may be the best on the market yet you failed to secure all other entry points.

All in all look at the entire picture prior to making a decision on locks.

Remember that lock price does not denote quality or security. Don’t let a Locksmith talk you into purchasing “high security” locks unless you truly need them.