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The Michigan Incident Crime Report revealed that in Michigan alone, the number of burglaries with forced entry committed in 2019 was 22,620 with 74 percent of these offenses occurring in people’s homes.1 To prevent becoming part of this statistic, make sure you have good outdoor lighting, landscaping that doesn’t block windows, and strong windows and doors with good locks.

Keep your locks and doors up to date by calling your trusted local locksmith for a security consultation.

In case your home does get burglarized, the best place to store your valuables is in a home safe that is appropriate for the items you need to protect and installed properly so there is less likelihood of the safe being removed during a burglary. A locksmith can provide you with advice on selecting the best safe and will do all the installation work to ensure the safe is secured. If you haven’t yet invested in a home safe, or if you have more valuables than your safe can hold, or if you need to access the valuables frequently (such as a laptop computer) the following are some tips for hiding valuables in your home.

Tip #1: Never leave valuables where a thief can see them from outside your home. You may think that enabling your neighbors to see you big screen television or valuable piece of art will boost your credibility in the community, but it is also an invitation to would-be thieves, indicating that you probably have money and additional valuables in your home. Keeping valuable objects out of sight from the outside of your home is a good preventive security measure.

Tip #2: Never leave valuables lying around. Most thieves spend only about ten to twenty minutes inside a home, so they will generally grab the most accessible valuables first.2 This includes things like cellular phones, laptops, electronics, jewelry, cash and other valuables.

Tip #3: Never hide valuables in the places accessed most by burglars. The bedroom is the first place that burglars look for money and jewelry as well as other valuables. Even storing your valuables under your pillow or mattress or in the pockets of clothing or socks isn’t a good idea. It’s also not a good idea to hide valuables in your medicine cabinet, as a burglar usually looks in your medicine cabinet hoping to find drugs which they can sell on the street.

Tip #4: Never put all your valuables in one place, unless it’s a secured home safe. With multiple hiding spots within your home, a burglar has to spend more time in the home. Since a burglar’s goal is to get in and get out quickly, hiding your valuables in multiple locations decreases the likelihood that all of your valuable will be taken.

Tip #5: Make sure that someone else knows where you hid valuables in your home. We’ve all hear the stories of clothing or books being dropped off at the local thrift shop and buyers discovering cash inside the items they purchase. The better the hiding spots inside your home, the more difficult it will be for burglars, as well as your loved ones, to find those valuables. So, make sure to tell a trusted relative or friend where you store your valuables. You might also write down where you store your valuables and put it with your will or trust documents.

There are online resources which provide ideas on where to best hide your valuables. The garage is a place that thieves aren’t likely to spend time exploring, especially if it is full of totes and boxes. The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors recommends putting valuables inside boxes labeled “winter clothes” or “Christmas ornaments.”3 Another idea is to hide valuables in your child’s bedroom as thieves aren’t likely to spend much time going through your child’s clutter. Just make sure that the items aren’t accessible to an inquisitive child. The kitchen is also a place where thieves tend to shun. Placing your extra cash in a Pringles canister on the pantry shelf is a good way to thwart a thief.4 With a little imagination, and a little work, anyone can easily protect their valuables from being stolen.

Locksmiths usually have plenty of safety tips to share and these 5 tips are easy to put into practice. If you want to inspect or bring the security of your home up to date, Action Locksmith can help!

Our technicians can provide a detailed survey of your house’s security and provide a plan of action. From re-keying to door repair and installation, keyless entry and camera systems, our locksmith company does it all. We specialize in both residential and commercial locksmith services as well as provide 24-hour Emergency Lockout Service. Call us to learn more and Save!


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