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There are a lot of different emergencies any business could face. While you can prepare for most, it’s almost impossible to prepare for all. That being said, there are ways to prepare for potential emergencies across the board. Exit devices for your business’s building can be a huge asset during an emergency and can work to save lives.

You may or may not have heard of an exit device before and we can help you understand them better.

An exit device is some form of device or door mechanism that locks automatically from the inside upon exiting. In short, it allows escape without allowing reentry. And it’s not just for emergencies, plenty of apartment buildings or back entrances to businesses utilize an exit device in their entry ways to ensure the safety of those inside the building.

Below are some facts and information about exit devices, how they work, different types, and what their benefits can be for your business.

Types of Exit Devices

There are three main types of exit devices: rim, mortise, and vertical rod. Rim style is the most common and utilizes a latch or bolt on the inside that locks once the door is shut. You can toggle it from inside but not from the exterior. Mortise style involves a mortise lock body within the door and normally used for buildings requiring high security. Vertical rods are common to double doors which allow for a user inside to toggle the panic bar and prevent entry.

Benefits of Exit Devices

Security and safety are the two main advantages of utilizing an exit device. When used at entry doors, the exit devices can prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the building and keeps those within secure. On the flip side, exit devices may be used in an emergency to allow occupants to exit but prevent anyone from going back into an unsafe building.

What’s the Best Option for Your Business?

This is something a locksmith professional can help you with. The type of door and location of the doors are a huge factor as is the fire code necessities to keep your building safe. Another thing to consider is the noise level as some devices make more noise than other. You’ll want to talk to a professional locksmith to get a better idea of what’s right for you.

Related Questions

What Is the Cost of Installing an Exit Device?

It varies depending on the door and what device you’re looking at. A traditional installation can be anywhere from $500 to $850 flat fee for one of the three types, but high-end devices can cost as much as $1700-$4000 on top of labor fees.

What Is My Most Cost-Effective Option?

If you want to install multiple exit devices, a rim is your best bet money wise but if you have one or only a few to install then a mortise lock or vertical rod is going to be among the more secure bets for your price.

Talk to your local locksmith to understand your options and get the device that is best for your business and budget!

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