(248) 672-0462 • EMERGENCY SERVICE

When it comes to emergency service, your going to have to pay a higher price, and there is a very good reason. During normal business hours, if you want a technician out “right away”, you should understand that to make this happen, he has to put his other clients on hold, drop what he is doing, and hit the road to get to you. It is a major inconvenience for most service providers, often times losing the business of the customers he or she put on hold to get to you. In our profession, Emergency calls are generally people locked out of their homes or cars. Now it may seem like an arm and a leg to pay over $100 for a service that took maybe 5 minutes, and many people get upset, because they don’t consider what that job actually may have cost the service provider.


Night time calls are even worse! If you need emergency service in the evenings, on weekends, holidays, or at night, we sacrifice even more to try and help. You locking yourself out of your home may cost you a few hours and a couple hundred dollars, but it may be costing your locksmith dinner with his family, household chores, doctors appointments, his kids sports events or school recitals, etc.


When it comes to an emergency, its usually well worth the emergency prices.