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When hiring a company to provide you with a service, it can often be helpful to ask if they offer any discounts or have any coupons available for use. For instance, our company provides coupons on our web page, and we often suggest that people go online and get them. Discounted prices are not always what they appear to be however. If someone is offering a discounted trip charge, say half the price of the competition, keep in mind they do make that money back. They will either trick you into unnecessary services, or raise the prices of their services to level things back out, and often times just rip you off completely.  Discounts are not always a sneaky way of ripping people off though, just be sure you ask a lot of questions, mention your coupon up front, and get a solid price before you agree to the service. In general, we naturally try to think about savings, but many times we get exactly what we pay for, cheap cost is cheap service or cheap product.