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When it comes to securing our homes and valuable possessions, the type of door lock we use is imperative. You want to ensure the locks on your exterior doors are burglar-proof. As well as the interior locks to secure your belongings. This article is going to cover the most common door locks and their uses.

What are the 5 most common types of door locks?

1. One of the most common, efficient ways to secure your door with a deadbolt. They come in two forms–single or double cylinder. A singular cylinder only needs one key when outside the door. The double cylinder also uses one key but on either side of the door.

2. Another popular lock is a combination lock. This lock requires entering a series of numbers on a keypad to unlock.

3. If you are seeking an easy, less costly lock, the cam lock is for you. This lock consists of a singular cylinder base that has a metal piece and a keyhole. When the key is entered it turns the cam up or down.

4. Then there are locks made to completely secure doors and cabinets electronically. This type of lock operates by a keypad with numbers secured firmly to the door or furniture it is meant to protect.

5. The fifth lock is a glass door lock. These are the locks that keep backdoor or glass patio doors secure. These locks work in the same way the ones above work; however, they are stylish by design and match the decor.

What are the best locks?

It is no secret; residential property owners prefer electronic locks. The use of these locks for homes or apartments is a good choice. Particularly, if you are seeking a more powerful entry. Or you want better protection of the house.

Many claim smart and electronic locks are the same thing. True, a smart lock is electronic; yet, not all electronic locks are smart. The following section goes into the differences between the two.

The difference between a smart and electronic lock

A smart lock receives a directive through a protocol of wireless networks. This tells it to lock or unlock itself. Whereas, an electronic lock only needs to plug into an electric circuit. This activates the locking or unlocking feature.

Related Questions

What is the top lock on the door called? The top lock on a door is the deadbolt.

How do you change a door lock? You put a door lock on in one of two ways–you can do it yourself or call a licensed locksmith service to install it.

Why do doors have two locks? The answer to this is simple–to deter thieves. Two outer door locks make it look harder to gain entrance inside. For this reason, experts in the area of security recommend two door locks.

Final thoughts

The information in this article provides you to make an educated choice of which lock is right. All you need to do now is buy the lock(s) and call a licensed locksmith service to install them.

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