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There are several different types of locks out there to secure your home, business, or property. Many of these locks are considerably different in terms of design and excel at a particular security situation, whether it’s a common door lock for your home, or something more sophisticated like a code lock or keycard lock.

Let us take a look at some of the more common door locks out there and what ones you should consider using.

Knob Locks

Knob locks are one of the most common locks out there and are typically used in residential settings. While you will see knob locks used on outside doors, this is actually not preferred for knob lock use. Knob locks have the lock cylinder directly in line with the knob, making it easy to be broken off with something like a hammer, or simply bypassed using a pliers and/or wrench to get behind the knob itself and then removed.

If knob locks are the only lock on an outside door you should consider replacing them. If they are used in conjunction with another lock such as a deadbolt above the knob, which is often the case, a knob lock is suitable. Other situations where knob style locks are great for use is on inside doors when you need to keep rooms secure within a building.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are another lock that is the most common to people. Deadbolt locks are great for outer doors of a building and do a great job at keeping them secure, as well as being much more difficult to break or manipulate to open when compared to knob locks. Deadbolt locks however, have one major weakness. If someone who is trying to gain access to your property can get in through a window, they can open the lock by simply turning the knob on the inside.

This issue can be solved by getting deadbolt locks that are hybrids between a single and double deadbolt design. These hybrid locks have an additional lock on the thumb turn to secure it so it cannot be unlocked without the key.

Jimmy Proof Deadbolt Locks

Jimmy proof deadbolts are commonly found on doors to apartments and double doors. And can be preferred due to the minimal amount of modifications needed to a door. They are also different in terms of construction and protection. The deadbolt interlocks with the jamb bracket preventing it from being simply pulled apart or forced easily from the outside. Jimmy proof deadbolts only require a hole drilled straight through the door for the rim cylinder along with screws that mount the lock to the door itself.

Keyless Door Locks

Keyless door locks typically feature a number pad and are battery powered. There aren’t any locks for keys, and the owners or individuals with permission simply punch in the code of the lock that is set by the owner to gain access. Some of these locks even feature self-locking after the door closes to prevent a breach in security due to someone forgetting to lock it. One downside to the keyless door lock are the batteries dying, though this is merely an inconvenience as you may have to get a battery to replace it to allow for unlocking. These also typically use the same deadbolt lock mechanism that is commonly found on most exterior doors and mentioned above.

Lever Handle Door Locks

Lever handle door locks are very similar to knob locks and function in a somewhat similar manner and as such should be used to secure interior doors. These locks can commonly be found in commercial settings.


Consider carefully the locks that you wish to have installed and whether or not they are the best security choice for the door. This will ensure that your home or business is properly secure and incredibly difficult for an intruder to break into. As always when it comes to locks and security needs, be sure to contact a professional locksmith for installation to ensure proper lock performance and security.

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