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Good morning. I can say that today, for I’m not feeling feverish, nauseated, achy and weak. I had a 24 or 48 hour illness.

Why do you care about my illness?  Ill explain later.

As a small business owner I rely on every penny I earn. I need all of the service calls that come in. I have regular clients who rely on me.

Why worry about regular clients?

They make up the body and framework that keep our businesses alive. They are our “bread and butter”. Without the consistent support of our regular clients we would be like birds searching for food all day long. Instead, our “food” comes to us consistently.  This is not to be conceited or ungrateful, it means we provide excellent service to these clients who continue to use our services.

Back to the “why do you care about my illness” question.  If I were a business where I do all the work from janitorial to CEO I would have no way to continue day to day operations of my business when I became ill. This could be short term or long term.

I’m very fortunate to have my nephew RJ as my employee, partner and all around help. I felt it more important for me to have RJ and pay him well for a great job and myself take less of the earnings than to go it alone, make more money but suffer the hardship when ill or need time off.

For me it is a win win situation. Take less earnings, take more time to do what it takes to run my business, keep the clients satisfied and know that if I need time off I can take it.

What will you do as a small one person operation if you need time off?


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