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Spring Maintenance

               One thing you can be sure of here in Michigan, is that winter does a number on our locks and hardware.  As the roads begin to freeze up, the road commission utilized a combination of salt, and liquid calcium chloride, among other things, to keep the ice...

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Home security or false sense of security?

When we think of home security we think a door knob and deadbolt. While home some may take other stances when it comes to protecting their home and family. While away we rely on the above two items to secure our home. I suggest calling your local police department and...

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      Good morning. I can say that today, for I'm not feeling feverish, nauseated, achy and weak. I had a 24 or 48 hour illness. Why do you care about my illness?  Ill explain later. As a small business owner I rely on every penny I earn. I need all of...

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Discounted Prices

When hiring a company to provide you with a service, it can often be helpful to ask if they offer any discounts or have any coupons available for use. For instance, our company provides coupons on our web page, and we often suggest that people go online and get them....

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