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In the digital age, having a sight in your door is a huge benefit when you may not be expecting an unexpected visitor. While, back in the day, a knock at the door might be welcomed as a nice surprise, today it adds a bit of caution as you go to look and see who is knocking uninvited. Further, some door monitoring technology can help keep your home safe and alert you to any packages waiting for you.

Implementing peep holes or monitoring technology on your home is an incredibly important part of maintaining a feeling of safety in your home.

Safety starts at the front door. While most homes come with some option for peep sight, if you don’t have one, you’ll want one and if you already have one then you might do well to have some higher technology to supplement it with.

Here’s a look at few advantages of having peep sight or door monitoring technology at the front door of your home.

Peepholes are Inexpensive

Getting a peephole installed is one of the cheapest ways you can protect your home. It’s not a security system or a new lock, but it’s a great step towards feelings of safety for very little cost and very little difficulty on installation. Peepholes usually sit at eye level and utilize high resolution glass to give you a glimpse outside without having to open the door or expose your face.

Peepholes Don’t Use Electricity

While you might pay monthly fees for a security service or pay extra on your electric bill for cameras to watch outside, peepholes add nothing to your monthly utilities. They’ve been around for centuries and, as such, appeal to a lack of technology and subtlety. They’re also low maintenance in this way and don’t often require upkeep.

Video Doorbells Allow Secrecy

While peepholes are a tried and true solution, they do have some drawbacks in the modern day. For one, you almost always give your presence away when looking through a peephole either by noise or you being visible on the other end of the sight. Video doorbells allow you complete privacy while watching your front door and can alert you to any movement outside the front of your home, even when you’re far from home.

Related Questions

Are Peepholes Required on Homes?

Peepholes themselves are not a requirement in any standing building and more a courtesy than anything else. However, most commercial dwellings, such as hotels or motels, will have a customary two peepholes at different levels to accommodate as many people as possible. If your home is not new, you may notice it does not have a peephole.

How Much Does It Cost to Install?

Peepholes, as mentioned, are cheap and an easy install. On average, a peephole installation will cost around $50 or so and take a few hours to install depending on your door type. Prices vary depending on where you live, and how far your locksmith is located so make sure get a few different estimates. It’s a cheap and effective way to protect your home and easy to tack onto any locksmith work you’re already having done at your home.

Peepholes and other sight technology for your front door is extremely important for the safety of your home and, luckily, very easy to have your local locksmith install.

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