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When it comes to your business, you want to make sure you’ve got the best security possible. You want to trust the doors you walk in and out of every day. There’s a lot of options you can go with and many combinations of security systems you can go with to make sure that your doors are secure. But one you may have heard about but not tried is a master key system. It sounds professional and powerful, and it is.

Master key systems are basically what they sound like: one “master” key that unlocks a lock.

Master key systems allow one or more keys to open a single lock. If a key is able to open more than one lock, it is considered a master key. What’s the point of this? A designated person has a master key that can access certain locks with a single key, made for more than one door with different locks.

Master key systems are a bit complex. To help, we’ve broken down some information about them below

Change Key

This is also called a sub-master key. In the master key system, a change key is able to open one type of lock and only other locks of the same type. However, a master key will also be able to open that lock, despite being a different key. That lock can also be opened by other higher ranked keys.

Master Key

A master key can open multiple locks. While it’s not a universal key, it has the ability to open different locks it has been designated for. While change keys only open one type of lock, a master key can access more than one type of lock and open them. But they’re not the highest-ranking key.

Grand Master Keys and Above

A change key opens one lock system, a master key can open more than one lock system, and grand master keys will open multiple master key systems. Above that is a grand, grand master key which opens multiple grand master key systems. These keys are generally for building supervisors and landlords.

Related Questions

What are the benefits of a master key system?

One benefit of a master key system is in the case of lockouts. If you’re locked out and calling a locksmith, you’re paying to get in and paying potentially for a new key to be made. But if a master key exists, you can access the lock that way.

What does it cost?

A master key system starts at $15 per lock but can vary widely as you add more components to the key system and potentially add more higher-level locks and keys. Weigh your lock needs and the amount of locks you intend to install before making a purchase.

Talk to a professional locksmith before you make a decision and do your research on lock and key systems!

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