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Quality, is a word that has lost its meaning. There was a time when the word quality was used to describe products and services that were top notch. Todays standard of quality as gone so far down from the days of our grandparents that the workers of that time would be ashamed of us. Today, if a product lasts longer than its 6 month warranty period they stamp the word quality on it and send it to the masses.

Here at Action Locksmith Inc, we have standards of quality that far surpass our competition. When it comes to parts we must go with the factory warranty periods, so we simply chose to sell only the best products we can find. We will not sell anything under the false pretense of ‘quality’, if we say its a good product, you can bet that it is. The standards of our workmanship far surpasses that of most locksmiths as well. With so many scams out there we pride ourselves in not only the quality of our work, but the quality of our customers experience with us. If we installed it, we do our best to make sure you enjoyed your experience with our technicians. Our warranty on our workmanship is indefinite, if we installed it and it fails due to something we did, we make sure it is taken care of same day and at no charge.


Don’t be fooled by the word quality. Make your own assessment of products and services, research reviews, and make sure they life up to YOUR definition of quality. Quality is whatever you want it to be, so always be sure the technician is living up to your standards, not their own. No one should have to settle for sub par, especially when your paying top dollar for it.