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Getting locked out is a common occurrence, and as a result, most people rely on a locksmith to get them out of this bind. Locksmiths are very skilled at unlocking things and getting you back into your home, car, or office. However, did you know that they do some other remarkable things?

Here are five other reasons you may need a locksmith that probably never crossed your mind.

1. Re-keying a Lock

Picture this: you just purchased your dream home, and the realtor turns over the key to you. You or the realtor doesn’t know that the previous owners had much trouble with their ex stalking them. Worse still, the crazed ex may have a copy of the house key. Hopefully, the latter is only a worst-case scenario. Still, either way, the thought of an unwanted stranger having access to your family and valuables is a terrifying and real possibility. Why take a chance with someone using an old spare key and entering your home? You don’t have to allow previous homeowners’ problems to overshadow the joy of being a new homeowner. Simply call a locksmith and get your locks re-keyed to avoid any possibility of such an occurrence. Re-keying locks on your home will allow you to rest assured that you and your family are the only ones who have access to your house.

2. Replacing Old Locks With New Ones

If you are still opening doors in your home with skeleton keys, it may be time to upgrade to locks from this millennium. However, suppose you are fascinated with the charm of your old lock and key. In that case, you can still keep the vintage design but have your locksmith restore the vintage locks so that they are fully functional and useful in today’s environment. You have to make sure that your local locksmith specializes in antique lock repair, however.

3. Funny Business With Your Lock, Even Though It Works

A common problem with locks is that they still work when you insert the key. Still, there is something wrong with the mechanism causing difficulty. You can get into your home, but either it takes much strength to turn the key, or you have to jiggle the key because it seems like something is in the way of the key when you stick it into the lock. You’re not locked out, but applying this much effort to getting into your home can be extremely annoying. Locksmiths can solve this funny business with your lock, allowing your key to turn with ease or removing the obstruction.

4. Keyless Entry Upgrade

In this day and age, it seems that everything is high tech. You can tell your refrigerator, your trashcan, or your lights what to do. You can activate appliances and HVAC systems from your phone while you are away from home. It should come as no surprise that there are locks that exist in which you don’t have to use a key to enter your home. Keyless entry looks identical to traditional locking mechanisms; only it uses a keypad instead of a key. You can press your code in, similar to how you would do with a combination lock, and the correct number sequence will open the door. You can even install an app on your phone that allows you to open your door through the app to open your door remotely for friends, family, or service people who need to enter while you are away. A locksmith will help you upgrade to this type of keyless entry if you are tired of carrying keys around or prone to losing keys.

5. General Lock Inspection, Especially If You Plan To Be Away For Long

Lock inspection may not seem essential, but just like every other aspect of your home should have regular checks, so should your locks. Nothing is more devastating than knowing that you locked your doors; but, because some aspect of the locking mechanism isn’t working, the door keeps opening on its own. This problem is not only an open invitation to burglars. It could also become annoying when the police keep showing up at your home because your alarm system keeps tripping from the door opening on its own. Having a locksmith to inspect your locks is essential, especially if you will be on vacation, at a funeral out of state, or doing something else that will keep you away from your home for a while.

The most common reason people call a locksmith is that they are locked out of something, be it their home, office, or car. However, keep in mind that locksmiths are valuable for other reasons. These five reasons to call a Locksmith are just as important when it comes to you and your family’s safety and security.

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